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center for christian-jewish learning

FALL 2016

This course in cultural and political philosophy will study twentiety-century European Fascisms as ideologies, practices of political religion, and forms of erotic community. The special focus will be on Fascism's appeal as a force for moral, spiritual, and erotic renewal in Western culture.
(James Bernauer, S.J.)



Gospel of John and Parting of the Ways
How, when, and why Christianity moved out of the "big tent" of first-century Judaism to become a major religious, political, and social movement of its own is one of the most imporant--and most elusive--issues in the study of ancient Judaism and Christianity. A text that is central to this issue is the Gospel of John. In this course we will examine this gospel in its social and historical context, as well as in the history of interpretation, in order to understand its contribution to our understanding of the development of early Christianity out of its Jewish matrix. (Adele Reinhartz)