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BIRDS at Boston College

Center for Christian-Jewish Learning

Boston Inter-Religious Dialogue Students (BIRDS) at Boston College is a student-led group whose hope is to engage in interfaith dialogue and learning. While rooted in their Christian faiths, group members hope to expand beyond their theological horizons to learn more about colleagues of other faiths. Members recognize the obvious and pressing need to reach out to others to form a more understanding and helpful community of believers, especially those in the Jewish community given the often painful and sordid past Christians have had with Jews. Group activities include reading-based discussions, attendance at and discussions on cultural events such as plays and lectures, and planning and hosting interfaith prayer services.

Anyone interested in joining the group is welcome to contact Mary Grenchus-Allen at

Members of BIRDS at Boston College attend the play "My Name is Asher Lev" in hopes of understanding some of the cultural struggles of Hasidic Jews living in the United States.