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Center for International Higher Education

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Paying the Professoriate

The Center engages in research and publication on topics of importance to scholars and practitioners working with issues and trends in international higher education. The themes featured in our research include the academic profession in global perspective, private higher education, trends in Asian higher education, African university development, global academic development, and others. The Center has a long list of published books, often released in collaboration with other publishers, highlighting our research. 

Recent Publications

Cover of Higher Education: A Worldwide Inventory


Laura E. Rumbley, Philip G. Altbach, David A. Stanfield, Yukiko Shimmi, Ariane de Gayardon, and Roy Y. Chan.

This volume provides a comprehensive overview of the main centers for research on higher education, as well as the many graduate-level academic programs being offered in the study of higher education. The inventory not only provides a “snapshot” of these important activities but also serves as an unparalleled resource for facilitating communication and collaboration across the higher education research and training community. 

This inventory has identified 277 graduate-level higher education programs and 217 higher education research centers/institutes around the world, as well as 280 journals/publications published in more than 20 languages.

This volume also includes an interpretive essay discussing the current status of the field of higher education by Philip G. Altbach and an analytic chapter concerning the data provided in the book by Laura E. Rumbley, David A. Stanfield, and Ariane de Gayardon.

The full PDF is available here.

Cover of Global Opportunities and Challenges for Higher Education Leaders


edited by Laura E. Rumbley, Robin Matross Helms, Patti McGill Peterson, and Philip G. Altbach.

Higher education leaders today recognize the need to develop an international strategy for their institutions but may lack the knowledge and perspective required to inform good decisions. Institutions must create educational environments where students will begin to appreciate the complexity of global integration and develop skills to navigate it successfully. International outreach and initiatives enrich institutional culture but must be based on good information and analysis.

To address this need, the American Council on Education (ACE) and the Boston College Center for International Higher Education (CIHE) launched a publication and webinar series titled International Briefs for Higher Education Leaders. The purpose of the series is to assist campus leaders in their efforts to make sense of a broad and complex set of issues inherent in the internationalization of American higher education today. In an era of “information overload” and in light of the realities of time constraints faced by busy institutional leaders, each Brief publication is organized around one clearly defined topic.

This book features the key themes of global engagement, China, India, and the “southern cone” in Latin America.

Cover of The Forefront of International Higher Education

The Forefront of International Higher Education - A Festschrift in Honor of Philip G. Altbach (2014)

edited by Alma Maldonado-Maldonado and Roberta Malee Bassett

The Forefront of International Higher Education honours the academic trajectory and global impact of Philip G. Altbach, one of the most important education comparativists worldwide for over forty years. From his early writings on India and student activism to his recent work on research universities, Altbach has served as a key developer of the expansion of the field to include comparative higher education. His capacity to find, support, and gather the best minds around the world, to organize research teams in order to explore the most relevant issues on comparative higher education has earned him international recognition. His service to the field of comparative higher education is invaluable and incomparable. This festschrift contains original pieces from colleagues and former students following a twofold discussion: the most relevant topics on comparative higher education and particular Altbach’s contributions to this field of work.

Cover of The International Imperative in Higher Education

The International Imperative in Higher Education (June, 2013)

Philip G. Altbach

The International Imperative in Higher Education focuses on most of the central elements affecting universities worldwide. Included among the themes analyzed are global issues such as corruption, the continuing impact of the brain drain and the phenomenon of brain exchange, the role of English in internationalization, changes in the environment for publishing and knowledge distribution, and academic freedom. The specific elements of internationalization, such as growing commercialization, and the role of agents and recruiters as a part of global student flows are considered.  The role of the academic profession in a rapidly changing university environment is also discussed. Special attention is paid to China and India, the world’s two largest academic systems, and the specific challenges faced by them.

Cover of The Global Future of Higher Education and the Academic Profession

The Global Future of Higher Education and the Academic Profession: The BRICs and the United States (February, 2013)

Edited by Philip Altbach, Gregory Androushchak, Yaroslav Kuzminov, Maria Yudkevich, and Liz Reisberg

The Global Future of Higher Education and the Academic Profession focuses on the all-important emerging BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) nations by analyzing the academic profession and particularly salaries and contracts. The professoriate is key to the success of any academic system, and this is the first book to carefully analyze academic systems and the academic profession.

The academic profession must be adequately paid, and appointments to academic jobs must be based on merit and provide an effective career path for the 'best and brightest' to be attracted to the profession. The BRICs show a variety of approaches to academic careers—and none provide globally competitive salaries. China and Russia, in particular, pay academics poorly. Using purchasing power parity, this book is able to accurately compare the actual purchasing power of the academic profession. The book also analyzes how professors are appointed and promoted. While the BRICs may be emerging global economic powers, their academic systems still face significant challenges.

Cover of Paying the Professoriate

Paying the Professoriate: A Global Comparison of Compensation and Contracts (April, 2012)

Edited by Philip Altbach, Liz Reisberg, Maria Yudkevich, Gregory Androushchak, and Iván Pacheco

Paying the Professoriate is the first comparative analysis of global faculty salaries, remuneration, and terms of employment. Offering an in-depth international comparison of academic salaries in 28 countries across public, private, research, and non-research universities, chapter authors shed light on the conditions and expectations that shape the modern academic profession. The top researchers on the academic profession worldwide analyze common themes, trends, and the impact of these matters on academic quality and research productivity. In a world where higher education capacity is a key driver of national innovation and prosperity, and nations seek to fast-track their economic growth through expansion of higher education systems, policy makers and administrators increasingly seek answers about what actions they should be taking. Paying the Professoriate provides a much needed resource, illuminating the key issues and offering recommendations.

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