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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

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Issue #74 Winter 2014

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International Issues

    The Need for Research and Training for the Higher Education Enterprise

    The Shanghai Statement

    Research Universities in Developing and Middle-Income Countries

    Karen MacGregor

    The Abdication of Thinking Capacity in International Higher Education

    Philip G. Altbach

    Higher Education in Post-Conflict Conditions

    Iván F. Pacheco and Ane Turner Johnson

Asian Themes

    Can the Great American Universities Take Root in Asia?

    Harry Lewis

    Does a Higher Education Community Exist in Asia?

    Hugo Horta and Jisun Jung

Internationalization Trends

    Soaring Spain: A Dream Deferred?

    Laura E. Rumbley and Laura Howard

    Europe’s 25 Years of Internationalization

    Hans de Wit and Fiona Hunter

    Franchising, Validation, and Branch Campuses in Europe

    Lukas Bischof

    India: Mobility Trends

    Wesley Teter and Don Martin

    Academic Collaboration with African Universities

    Ad Boeren

Latin America Focus

    Brazil: A For-Profit Giant

    Dante J. Salto

    Financing Higher Education in Latin America

    Ana García de Fanelli

    Accreditation in Colombia

    Alberto Roa Varelo

Countries and Regions

    Democratic Reform in Egyptian Universities

    Ahmed El-Obeidy

    Vietnam: New Legislation

    Duy Pham


Issue #75 Spring 2014

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International Issues

    Diplomacy and Education: A Changing Global Landscape

    Patti McGill Peterson

    How Corruption Puts Higher Education at Risk

    Stephen P. Heyneman

    MOOCs as Neocolonialism: Who Controls Knowledge?

    Philip G. Altbach

    Top Universities or Top Higher Education Systems?

    Benoît Millot

    Outcomes Assessment in International Education

    Darla K. Deardorff

    APEC’s Bold Higher Education Agenda: Will Anyone Notice?

    Christopher Ziguras

China: English and the Brain Race

    China’s Removal of English from the Gaokao

    Yang Rui

    “English Fever” in China: A Watershed

    Wang Xiaoyang and Li Yangyang

   Will China Excel in the Global Brain Race?

    Qiang Zha

International Student Flows

    Point Systems and International Student Flows

    Jing Li

    German Students Abroad

    Jan Kercher and Nicole Rohde

    Canada’s Immigration Policies to Attract International Students

    Anita Gopal

Africa: Quality Assurance and Regulation

    Trends in Regulation in sub-Saharan Africa

    A. B. K. Kasozi

    Private Higher Education’s Quality Assurance in Ghana

    Linda Tsevi

Focus on Ukraine

    Ukraine’s Testing Innovation

    Eduard Klein

    Internationalization in Post-Soviet Ukraine

    Valentyna Kushnarenko and Sonja Knutson