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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

Issue Index

Issue #73 Summer 2013

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International Student Recruiting

    The Pursuit of International Students in a Commercialized World

    Philip G. Altbach and Liz Reisberg

    In Search of Solutions for the Agent Debate

    Rahul Choudaha

    International Recruitment: Oversight and Standards

    David Engberg

    International Admissions: Ethical Challenges

    Daniel Zaretsky

    Barefaced Cheating in China’s Bull Market for Fraud

    Jon Marcus

International Issues

    Professors: The Key to Internationalization

    Philip G. Altbach and Gerard Postiglione

Africa Focus

    Government and Governance Reforms in Africa

    N.V. Varghese

    New Reforms in Kenya

    Ishmael I. Mumene

Quality Assurance Issues

    Quality Regimes in Africa

    Juma Shabani

    The Problems with Cross-Border Quality Assurance

    Kevin Kinser and Jason E Lane

Private Higher Education

    Challenges to Top-Ranked Private Universities in Poland

    Joanna Musial-Sadilek

Countries and Regions

    The Founding of University of the Chinese Academic of Sciences

    Zha Qiang and Guangli Zhou

    Venezuelan Higher Education’s Legacy Under Chávez

    Orlando E. Albornoz

    Strengthening Higher Education in Laos

    Jane Knight

    New Missions and Ambitions for Russian Universities

    Tatiana Jean

Issue #72 Summer 2013

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Brain Drain or Brain Exchange?

    Brain Drain or Brain Exchange: Developing Country Implications

    Philip G. Altbach

    Research Collaboration and Global Migration

    Gali Halevi and Henk F Moed

    Religion and Higher Education Achievement in Europe

    Gaele Goastellec

Internationalization: Trends and Critiques

    The False Halo of Internationalization

    Jenny Lee

    The Dragon’s Deal: Sino-African Cooperation in Higher Education (PDF)

    Milton O. Obamba

    Deceptive Foreign Credential Evaluation Services

    George Gollin

    Financial Aspects of Offshore Activities

    John Fielden

Rankings and Their Implications

    Are Global Rankings Unfair to Latin American Universities?

    Andres Bernasconi

    Implications of Excellence in Research and Teaching

    Johannes Wespel, Dominic Orr, and Michael Jaeger

India Issues

    Getting Value for Money in Higher Education

    Philip G. Altbach and Agarwal Pawan

    Does India Have an International Strategy?

    Prabhakar J Lavakare

England’s Present and Future

    English Education in Distress?

    Heather Eggins

    What Will English Higher Education Look Like in 2025?

    Jeroen Huisman, Harry F. de Boer, and Paulo Charles Pimentel Bótas

Regions and Countries

    The Challenge of Sustaining Student Loan System: Colombia and Chile

    Jamil Salmi

    American Engineering Doctoral Enrollments

    Richard Alan Skinner


Issue #71 Spring 2013

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International Issues

    Does Higher Education Equalize Income Distribution?

    Martin Carnoy

    Branding Universities: Trends and Strategies

    Gili S. Drori

    Religion and Higher Education Achievement in Europe

    Gaele Goastellec

    Imagining the University

    Ronald Anthony Barnett

For-Profit Higher Education

    The For-Profit Motive

    Andres Bernasconi

    Squeezing the Nonprofit Sector

    Daniel Levy

    The Quality-Profit Assumption

    Kevin Kinser

Internationalization Themes

    International Student Mobility in the United States

    Christine A Farrugia and Ashley Villarreal

    China’s Confucius Institutes—More Academic and Integrative

    Zha Qiang

    Finally, an Internationalization Policy for Canada

    Glen Jones and Roopa Desai-Trilokekar

    Branch Campuses Weigh Start-up Options

    David A. Stanfield

Latin American Perspectives

    New Dynamics in Latin America

    Jose Joaquin Brunner

    Argentine Public Universities: Inefficient and Ineffective?

    Marcelo Rabossi

    Central America: The Value of International Academic Cooperation

    Nanette Archer Svenson

    Mexico: Enrollment Competition, Accreditation, and the Public-Private Market

    Juan Carlos Silas Casillas



Issue #70 Winter 2013

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International Issues

    Can Young Universities Achieve World-Class Status?

    Jamil Salmi

    Another Week, Another Scandal: Immigration Dilemmas

    Philip G. Altbach and Liz Reisberg


    Reconsidering the Concept of Internationalization

    Hans De Wit

    Mapping Internationalization in the United States

    Patti McGill Peterson and Lindsay Mathers Addington

    Five Models of International Branch Campus Ownership

    Jason E. Lane and Kevin Kinser

Economic Challenges

    Is Postsecondary Education Affordable?

    Sandy Baum and Saul Schwartz

    Strategies for Meeting Demand with Fewer Resources

    Arthur M. Hauptman

Asia Focus

    Cambodia: Subprime Degrees?

    David Ford

    Nepal: Public vs. Private?

    Bala Raju Nikku

    Is a World-Class University Possible in Rural Bihar?

    Philip G. Altbach

African Issues

    Higher Education for Development in Rwanda

    Rebecca Schendel, Jolly Mazimhaka, and Chika Ezeanya

    African Students in India: Patterns of Mobility

    P. J. Lavakare and K. B. Powar

Countries and Regions

    The Western Balkans: A Higher Education Problem Area

    Paul Temple

    Should Japanese Universities Shift the Academic Calendar?

    Yukiko Shimmi

    Declining Quality Affects Choice: The Peruvian Case

    Juan F. Castro and Gustavo Yamada