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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

Issue Index

Issue #66 Winter 2012

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Branch Campuses and Cross-Border Themes

    Foreign Outposts of Colleges and Universities

    Kevin Kinser and Jason E. Lane

    How Well Are International Branch Campuses Serving Students?

    Stephen Wilkins and Melodena S. Balakrishnan

    International Joint- and Double-Degree Programs

    Daniel Obst and Matthias Kuder

    Franchising: The McDonaldization of Higher Education

    Philip G. Altbach

    Two Models of Cross-Border Education

    Amy Stambach

International Issues

    Combating Unethical Behavior Robin Matross Helms

    Robin Matross Helms

    US Internationalization Faces the Recession

    Madeline F. Green and Adelaide Ferguson

Trends in Global Student Mobility

    Trends and Directions in Global Student Mobility

    Rajika Bhandari and Raisa Belyvina

    Brazil’s Student Mobility Initiative

    Marcelo Knobel

Africa Focus

    West African Higher Education Reforms

    Juma Shabani

    Regulating Private Higher Education in South Africa

    Chika Sehoole

    Graduate Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Fred M. Hayward

Greater China

    Institutional Diversity in China

    Ruth Hayhoe and Jun Li

    Hong Kong’s Academic Advantage

    Philip G. Altbach and Gerard A. Postiglione

Latin America

    Chile: The Rise and Decline of a Student Movement

    Andrés Bernasconi

    Why Argentine Private Universities Continue to Lag

    Marcelo Rabossi

Countries and Regions

    Welcome to the National University of Germany!

    Sebastian Litta

    Student Participation in European Governance

    Manja Klemencic

    Canada’s Egalitarian Debate

    Daniel Zaretsky

Issue #67 Spring 2012

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International Issues

    Ten Principles to Guide the Public Financing of Higher Education

    Arthur M. Hauptman

    Strengthening Universities Around the World

    Elaine El-Khawas

    Anarchy, Commercialism, and “Publish or Perish”

    Philip G. Altbach and Brendan Rapple

    New Ways to Rank Universities

    Robert Birnbaum

    Lessons from the Past: Medieval Universities and Today

    Miri Rubin

    What International Advice Do Universities Need?

    Philip G. Altbach and Jamil Salmi

European Student Mobility

    National Policies on Mobility in Europe

    Queenie Lam

    Ideas of Student Mobility in Germany

    Ulrich Teichler

The Necessity of Leadership

    Investing in Leadership Development: the UK Experience

    Robin Middlehurst

    Managing and Leading African Universities

    Pius Coxwell Achanga

Africa Focus

    Partnerships in Africa

    Damtew Teferra

    Widening Participation in Ghana and Tanzania

    Louise Morley


    What Does Organized Business Want? A Look at India

    Daniel C. Levy

    Kerala: Temples and World-Class Universities

    Philip G. Altbach

Latin America

    Heterogenity and Classification in Chile

    Claudia Reyes and Pedro Rosso

    Economic Growth and Higher Education Policies in Brazil

    Simon Schwartzman

Issue #68 Summer 2012

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Salaries and Contracts: International Comparison

    Academic Salaries and Contracts: What Do We Know?

    Philip G. Altbach and Iván F. Pacheco

    Faculty Contracts in Post-Soviet Countries

    Gregory Androushchak and Maria Yudkevich

    Academic Salaries in Western Europe

    Ben Jongbloed

    Paying the Professoriate: Trends in India

    N. Jayaram

Exchanges and Flows

    Mobility of Chinese and Indian Students

    Rahul Choudaha

    The Complexities of 21st Century Brain Exchange

    Philip G. Altbach

    International Education in Australia: The Roller Coaster

    Simon Marginson

Eastern Europe and Central Asia

    Challenges to Romanian Higher Education

    Paul Serban Agachi

    World-Class Universities: Lessons for Slovenia

    Philip G. Altbach

    Serbia: New Higher Education Strategy

    Stamenka Uvalic-Trumbic

    Kyrgyzstan’s New Degree System

    Martha C. Merrill and Chynara Ryskulova

Africa Focus

    South Africa: Challenges of Racism and Access

    Chika Sehoole

    Research, Networking, and Capacity Building

    Goolam Mohamedbhai

China Perspectives

    The College Entrance Examination in China

    Liu Haifeng

    Liberal Arts in the Chinese Context

    You Guo Jiang, S.J.

Countries and Regions

    Funding Higher Education in the UK

    Michael Shattock

    Chile: Improving Access and Quality to Stop Social Unrest

    Ernesto Schiefelbein

Issue #69 Fall 2012

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International Issues

    Corruption: Challenge to Internationalization

    Philip G. Altbach

    Five Truths about Internationalization

    Jane Knight

    Regulating Private For-Profit Higher Education

    William G. Tierney

    The Rise of Post-Confucion Knowledge Economies

    Simon Marginson

    Adopting English-Taught Degree Programs

    Annette Bradford

Rankings: The Never Ending Story

    When Rankings Go Too Far

    Phil Baty

    Chinese National University Rankings

    Liu Jin and Hong Shen

Aspects of Internationalization

    Branch Campuses in China

    David A. Stanfield and Wang Qi

    Study Abroad Fever Among Chinese Students

    Zha Qiang

    Postdocs and the Internationalization of Academic Labor

    Brendan Cantwell

    Gender and International Research Cooperation

    Agnete Vabø

Africa Focus

    Harmonization and Tuning: Integrating Africa

    Karola Hahn and Damtew Teferra

    ICT at African Universities

    Sarah Hoosen and Neil Butcher

European Perspectives

    Post-Soviet Russian Academia Struggles with the Past

    Gregory Androushchak and Maria Yudkevich

    Poland’s System: Contradiction and Implications

    Marek Kwiek

    Crisis in Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences

    Hans de Wit

    Restructuring Irish Higher Education

    Ellen Hazelkorn