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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

Issue Index

Issue #62 Winter 2011

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International Issues

    Agents and Third-Party Recruiters in International Higher Education

    Philip G. Altbach

    Liberal Education in the Global Perspective

    Patti McGill Peterson

    Nine Common Errors in Building a New World-Class University

    Jamil Salmi

    Rankings Season is Here

    Philip G. Altbach

    The Corruption of Ethics in Higher Education

    Stephen Heyneman

The Internationalization Debate

    Five Myths about Internationalization

    Jane Knight

    The End of Internationalization

    Uwe Brandenburg and Hans De Wit

Africa Focus

    African Higher Education: The Rise and Fall in the 20th Century

    Goolam Mohamedbhai

    Private Higher Education and Regional Inequalities: The Ethiopian Experience

    Tilahun Gidey and Pedro Nuno Teixeira

Africa Focus

    Partnerships in Africa

    Damtew Teferra

    Widening Participation in Ghana and Tanzania

    Louise Morley

Australia's International Problems

    International Education in Australia: A Long Way Down

    Simon Marginson

    The Perils of Commercialism: Australia’s Example

    Philip G. Altbach and Anthony Welch

Countries and Regions

    California’s Downfall: Obama’s Stimulus Funding Is a Lifeline, But What about Next Year?

    John Aubrey Douglass

    Venezuelan Higher Education: The Chavez Revolution

    Daniel Levy

    Drivers of Mobility of Chinese and Indian Students

    Rahul Choudaha


Issue #63 Spring 2011

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Aspects of Internationalization

    Monitoring Internationalization of Higher Education

    Eva Egron-Polak

    The Ambiguities of Working with Third-Party Recruiters: Essential Dilemmas

    Liz Reisberg and Philip G. Altbach

    Overseas Education in China: Changing Landscape and Policies

    Kai Jiang and Xueni Ma

    Getting Graduates to Come Home—Not So Easy

    Philip G. Altbach and Wanhua MA

    Westernization in the Post-Soviet World: Risks and Benefits of the Bologna Process

    Arevik Ohanyan

International Issues

    English as "Lingua Franca" and the Internationalization of Academe

    Michele Rostan

    University Autonomy and Academic Freedom: A Historical Perspective

    Kemal Guruz

    Stalin and Contemporary Higher Education Change: A Short Provocation

    Sophia Howlett

Economic Trends and Crises

    Tuition Fees and Student Financial Assistance: 2010 Global Year

    Pamela Marcucci and Alex Usher

    The Cost-Cutting Reforms of Higher Education in England

    Claire Callender

Africa Focus

    Higher Education in Africa: Facing the Challenges in the 21st Century

    Goolam Mohamedbhai

    Free Higher Education in South Africa—Why Not?

    Saleem Badat

Brazilian Perspectives

    The Pursuit of Equity in Brazilian Higher Education

    Leandro Tessler

    Assessing Higher Education Outcomes in Brazil

    Renato Pedrosa

    Strategic Management of Brazilian Universities

    Cibele Yahn de Andrade and José Roberto Rus Perez

Countries and Regions

    German Funding Ranking as a Tool for Self-Management

    Jurgen Gudler

    Deemed Universities in India: Confusion Reigns

    Asha Gupta


Issue #64 Summer 2011

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The Middle East

    Reforming Higher Education in the Middle East—and Elsewhere

    Philip G. Altbach

    Oman’s Academic Dreams

    Philip G. Altbach

    Saudi Arabian Developments

    Philip G. Altbach

Internationalization Issues

    Internationalization Misconceptions

    Hans De Wit

    Korean Students in the United States

    Hanna Kim

    The Decline of Japanese International Students

    Yukiko Shimmi

Responses to Crises

    Where Is Japan Heading After the Earthquake?

    Kazuko Suematsu

    Building a World-Class System in Ireland’s Financial Crisis

    Ellen Hazelkorn

Africa Focus

    The Availability of Academic Journals in Africa

    Jonathan Harle

    Closing the Digital Gap in Africa

    Anna Bon

    Student Activism and the “Global University” in Tanzania

    Ross Benbow

Private Higher Education

    Politics and Demographics in Poland

    Marek Kwiek

    Private Higher Education in Pakistan

    Nelofer Halai

Quality-Assurance Issues

    Internationalizing Quality Assessment in Central Asia

    Martha Merrill and Shakhnoza Yakubova and Zhazira Turlanbekova

    Quality Assurance in China: The Changing Context

    Kathryn Mohrman

Countries and Regions

    The Road to Differentiation in Slovenia

    Manja Klemencic and Janja Komljenovic

    Afghanistan: On the Razor’s Edge

    Fred M. Hayward

Issue #65 Fall 2011

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Rankings Again

    “Anchoring” the World University Rankings

    Nicholas A Bowman and Michael N. Bastedo

    Rankings: Does What Get Counted Get Done?

    Ellen Hazelkorn

International Issues

    English and the Rest: Understanding the Languages of Science

    Jorge Balan

    Is There a Future for Branch Campuses?

    Philip G. Altbach

   What International Students Think about US Higher Education

    Patricia Chow

The Middle East

    The Arab Spring: A Higher Education Revolution Yet to Happen

    Andre Elias Mazawi

    Egyptian Private Higher Education at a Crossroads

    Daniel Levy and Manar Sabry

Africa Focus

    Partnerships in Africa

    Damtew Teferra

    Research Networks in Africa

    Piyushi Kotcha

    International Lessons for African Higher Education and Economy

    Pundy Pillay

Financing Higher Education: Ecuador and Armenia

    Who Benefits from Free Tuition?

    David Post

    “Free” Public Universities: Too Much of a Good Thing?

    Mateo Estrella

    Reforming Higher Education Financing in Armenia

    Arthur M. Hauptman, Levon Barkhudaryan, and Sergey Balasanyan

Countries and Regions

    Student Services in China

    Karen D Arnold and Hong Zhu