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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

Issue Index

Issue #58 Winter 2010

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Branch Campuses & Transnational Higher Education

    Why Branch Campuses May Be Unsustainable

    Philip G. Altbach

    International Branch Campuses: New Trends and Directions

    Rosa Becker

    Gulf State Branch Campuses: Global Student Recruitment

    Spencer Witte

    Transnational Higher Education: Why It Happens and Who Benefits?

    Vikash Naidoo

International Issues

    Politics, UNESCO, and Higher Education: A Case Study

    Alma Maldonado-Maldonado and Antoni Verger

    The Future of International Postsecondary Student Enrollments

    Madeleine Green and Kim Koch

    Power and University Presidents

    Amanda Goodall

Private Perspectives

    A New Direction for Private Higher Education in India

    Agarwal Pawan

    Private Higher Education in Colombia: Problems and Achievements

    Lina Uribe

China: Trends & Developments

    Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation in China: Progress and Debate

    Kai Jiang

    Academic Freedom and Public Intellectuals in China

    Zha Qiang

    Institutional Diversification in Chinese Higher Education

    Hubert Ertl and Kai Yu

Russia: Efforts to Reform

    In Search of World-Class Universities: The Case of Russia

    Anna Smolentseva

    Russian Universities' "Midrange" Collaboration Strategies

    Igor Chirikov

African Developments

    Ethiopia: The Dilemmas of Expansion

    Liz Reisberg and Laura Rumbley

    Enhancing Retention and Success in South Africa

    George Subotzky


Issue #59 Spring 2010

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Crisis in Haiti

    Can Haitian Higher Education Rise from the Rubble?

    Harry E. Dumay

The Future of Asia

    The Asian Higher Education Century?

    Philip G. Altbach

    Reflections on Research Performance Measures and the Rise of Asia

    David Pendlebury

Economic Issues

    Assessing Four Budget-Balancing Strategies in Higher Education

    Arthur M. Hauptman

    Impact of the Financial Crisis on Higher Education in the United States

    Roger Geiger

Competition and International Students

    Competition for International Students

    Madeleine Green and Kim Koch

    Recent Trends and Issues in International Student Mobility

    Hans De Wit

    The Global Market for International Students: American Perspectives

    John Aubrey Douglass and Richard Joseph Edelstein

    International Enrollments in the United States: 60 Years of 'Open Doors' Data

    Patricia Chow and Julie Chambers

Higher Education Hubs

    Deciphering "Educational Hubs" Strategies: Rhetoric and Reality

    Kevin Kinser and Jason E Lane

    Regional Education Hubs -- Rhetoric or Reality

    Jane Knight

European Trends

    UK University Governance Under Stress

    Michael Shattock

    Good-bye to the Celtic Tiger?

    Ellen Hazelkorn

    Private Universities in a Public Framework: The Italian Experience

    Fiona Hunter

Cenrral Asia

    Central Asia: Increasing Under Diversity

    Martha Merrill

    The Goals for Higher Education in Kazakhstan

    Joseph Stetar and Kairat Kurakbayev


Issue #60 Summer 2010

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International Issues

    Innovation and Economic Development

    Sachi Hatakenaka

    Faculty Perceptions of Government and Management

    William Cummings and Donald Fisher and William Locke

Focus on China

    The Quest for Quality in China's Higher Education

    Qi Li

    Expansion and Differentiation in Chinese Higher Education

    Jian Liu and Xiaoyan Wang

    Postcompulsory Education and Training in China

    Qi Wang

    Peking University's Personnel Reforms

    Rui Yang

    China's Polytechnic Transformation

    Ruth Hayhoe and Zha Qiang

British Perspectives

    Elite Inclusiveness: The Case of Oxford

    Anna Zimdars

    Private Providers of Higher Education in the UK

    John Fielden

Countries and Regions

    India's Open Door to Foreign Universities: Less than Meets the Eye

    Philip G. Altbach

    Legal Frameworks for Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

    William Saint

    Mongolia's Challenge: Becoming Asian in Higher Education

    Ross Benbow

    Celebrating 200 Years of Humboldt University

    Sebastian Martin Litta

Issue #61 Fall 2010

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International Issues

    International Education: Alternatives to the Market

    Peter Scott

    Access Means Inequality

    Philip G. Altbach

    Asian University Presses in the Digital Age

    Paul H. Kratoska

    The Conundrums of MBA Rankings

    Ricardo Betti

    Discipline and Institution Commitment: Professorial Views

    Jesús Glaz-Fontes

The "Decline" of the Private Sector

    An International Exploration of Decline

    Daniel Levy

    The Decline of Colombian Private Higher Education

    Lina Uribe

   Ups and Downs across Central and Eastern Europe

    Snejana Slantcheva-Durst

   The Decline of Thai Private Higher Education

    Prachayani Praphamontripon

Focus on India

    India’s New Accreditation Law

    Pawan Agarwal

    Kerala: The Dilemmas of Equality in Higher Education

    Philip G. Altbach and Eldho Mathews

    India’s Proposed Reforms: Somewhat Half-Baked

    Philip G. Altbach