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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

Issue Index

Issue #54 Winter 2009

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International Issues

    The Story of Academic Ranking of World Universities

    Nian Cai Liu

    The Intricacies of Academic Remuneration

    Philip G. Altbach

    University Admissions: Practices and Procedures Worldwide

    Robin Matross Helms

    International Quality Control

    Alan L. Contreras


    Internationalization: Unintended Consequences?

    Jane Knight

    Is Australia Overdependent on International Students?

    Simon Marginson

Private Higher Education

    For-profit versus Nonprofit Private Higher Education

    Daniel Levy

The World Bank's New Africa Report

    Tertiary Education and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: The World Bank Report

    William Saint

    The World Bank’s Perspective on African Higher Education

    Damtew Teferra

South Asia

    India’s Effort to Join 21st-Century Higher Education

    Philip G. Altbach and N. Jayaram

    Higher Education Transformation in Pakistan: Political and Economic Instability

    Fred M. Hayward

Countries and Regions

    Higher Education and Wayward Labor Markets in Mexico

    Wietse de Vries and Alberto Cabrera and Shaquana Anderson

    The Impact of the US Financial Crisis on How Students Pay for College

    Arthur M. Hauptman

    Arab Open and Virtual Universities

    David Porcaro


Issue #55 Spring 2009

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The Global Financial Crisis

    US Higher Education and the Current Recession

    David Breneman

    Chinese Graduates’ Employment: The Impact of the Financial Crisis

    Mucun Zhou and Jing Lin

    The Poor and the Rich in US Universities

    John Aubrey Douglass and Gregg Thompson

International Issues

    Regional Citation Indexes

    Nobuko Miyairi

    Wolves in Chancellors’ Clothing

    George Gollin

Patterns & Problems of Internationalization

    The Bologna Process: A Weary Leap Forward

    Rainer Hoell and Josef Lentsch and Sebastian Martin Litta

    The Problems of Internationalization in Poland

    Bianka Siwinska

    Double- and Joint-Degree Programs

    Jane Knight

    International Students in the United States

    Patricia Chow and Rachel Marcus

The Academic Profession

    The Centrality of the Academic Profession

    Philip G. Altbach

   The Academic Profession: Colombia’s 2019 Vision

    Ivan F. Pacheco

Private Higher Education

    Problems in China’s Private Universities

    Osman Ozturgut

Statistical Challenges

    Taking a Closer Look at the OECD Tertiary Statistics

    Arthur M. Hauptman

    International Comparisons: What Your Fourth-Grade Math Can Reveal

    Clifford Adelman

Countries and Regions

    The Reinvention of Undergraduate Education in Hong Kong

    Martin Joel Finkelstein and Elaine Walker


Issue #56 Summer 2009

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International Trends

    Higher Education in Innovation and National Development

    Sachi Hatakenaka

    Measuring Learning in a Globalization Era

    Jeannie Kim and Josipa Roksa and Richard Arum

South Asian Developments

    Indian Higher Education: Time for a Rethink

    Santosh Mehrotra

    India: The Consequences of the Open Door

    Philip G. Altbach

    Pakistan: How Greed Ruins Academica

    Pervez Hoodbhoy

Latin America

    Public Funding of Latin American Universities

    Ana M. Garcia de Fanelli

    Student Quotas in Brazil

    Simon Schwartzman

    University Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Daniel A. Lopez and Daniel C. Lopez

Private Higher Education

    Polish Semielite Private Institutions

    Joanna Musial

    Iran’s Giant Semiprivate University

    Shahrzad Kamyab

European Trends

    Seeking Autonomy: French Universities Against the Jacobins

    Christine Musselin

    The Impact of the UK Research Assessment Exercise

    Michael Shattock

Countries and Regions

    Vietnam: Hardware Needs Software

    Dennis Charles McCornac

    The United Arab Emirates and the Branch Campus Gold Rush

    Kevin Schoepp

    Turkmenistan: Fixing Decades of Damage

    Martha Merrill


Issue #57 Fall 2009

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Academic Freedom

    Academic Freedom: A Realistic Appraisal

    Philip G. Altbach

    New Challenges in the United States

    Robert O'Neil

    Academic Freedom at the Crossroads in the United States

    Louis M Benedict

International Issues

    Is Greater Financial Independence Ahead for Universities?

    Roger Goodman

    International Strategies for Increasing Attainment

    Arthur M. Hauptman and Young Kim

Globalization and Regionalization

    Unintended Effects of the Bologna Reforms

    Sybille Reichert

    Globalization and Quality Assurance in Panama

    Nanette Svenson

    Canadian Strategies for Internationalization

    Sally-Ann Burnett and Jeroen Huisman

Africa Focus

    Postgraduate Studies in Africa: The Looming Crisis

    Wisdom J. Tettey

    Burundi: Challenges and Conflicts

    Dorothy E. Finnegan

Countries and Regions

    Japan: The “Haves” are Gaining and the “Have-Nots” are Losing

    Yoshiaki Obara

    Germany: The Quest for World Class

    Barbara M. Kehm

A Response

    A Closer Look at OECD Statistic

    Eric Charbonnier