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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

Issue Index

Issue #50 Winter 2008

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The 50th Issue of IHE

    50 Issues—A Dozen Years of Service to Higher Education

    Philip G. Altbach

    Globalization and Forces for Change in Higher Education

    Philip G. Altbach

    The Growing Accountability Agenda: Progress or Mixed Blessing?

    Jamil Salmi

    Internationalization: A Decade of Changes and Challenges

    Jane Knight

    Private Higher Education: Patterns and Trends

    Daniel Levy

    Graduate Education in Latin America: The Coming of Age

    Jorge Balan

    New Developments in International Research Collaboration

    Sachi Hatakenaka

The United States: Global Issues

    International Student Mobility and the United States: The 2007 Open Doors Survey

    Patricia Chow and Rachel Marcus

    The Management and Funding of US Study Abroad

    Brian Whalen

    US Accreditation: Bridging the International and National Dialogue Gap

    Judith Eaton


    The Private Financing of Higher Education

    Ryan Hahn

    Higher Education Finance in Ghana

    Francis Atuahene

European Developments

    Higher Education under a Labour Government

    Michael Shattock

    European Students in the Bologna Process

    Manja Klemencic

Countries and Regions

    Corruption in Vietnamese Higher Education

    Dennis Charles McCornac


Issue #51 Spring 2008

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International Issues

    The "Subprime" Market and International Higher Education

    Philip G. Altbach

    Foreign-Backed Universities: A New Trend

    Ute Lanzendorf

    Academic Freedom in Muslim Societies

    Richard Kraince

Private Developments

    China's Private Universities: A Successful Case Study

    Ruth Hayhoe and Jing Lin

    Demand-Absorbing Private Institutions in Mexico

    Juan Carlos Silas

African Perspectives

    African Higher Education: Projecting the Future

    Damtew Teferra

    International Education Providers in Nigeria

    Isaac N. Obasi and Olamide Esther Adesina and Susan Obasi

    Higher Education Trends in Eritrea

    Ravinder Rena


    Indian Higher Education at the Crossroads

    Pawan Agarwal

    Vedanta University: A Flawed Pipe Dream

    Philip G. Altbach


    Education Crisis in Israel—Payback Time for the Original Sin

    Roxana Reichman

    The Relative Strength of Israel's Private Colleges

    Daniel Levy

European Trends

    Rankings, Diversity, and Excellence: A European Policy Challenge?

    Ellen Hazelkorn

    Performance-Based Funding of Universities: The Italian Experience

    Tommaso Agasisti

Countries and Regions

    The University Entrance Exam Crisis in Iran

    Shahrzad Kamyab


Issue #52 Summer 2008

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Global Issues

    The Costs and Benefits of "Open Access" Scholarship

    Philip G. Altbach

    Teaching in English on the Rise in European Higher Education

    Bernd Wachter

    The Humanities and Social Sciences in Asia: Endangered Species?

    Philip G. Altbach

The Academic Profession

    Exploring Academic Salaries in a Comparative Context

    Ivan F. Pacheco and Laura E. Rumbley

    Research Careers: Some Reflections from Europe

    Ulrich Teichler and Harald Schomburg

    The Crisis of the American Academic Workforce

    Philip G. Altbach and Martin Joel Finkelstein

Latin America

    Is There a Latin American University Model?

    Andres Bernasconi

    Measuring Institutional Quality in Argentina: The Devil Is in the Details

    Liz Reisberg

Eastern European Reforms

    Education Reform in Montenegro: Public and Private Tensions

    Joseph Stetar and Vucina Zoric

    The Lithuanian Case of Higher Education Reforms in Europe

    Liudvika Leisyte

Western European Developments

    Germany's "Excellence Initiative"

    Daniel Fallon

    Universities and Social Cohesion in the European Union

    Michael N. Bastedo

American Trends

    Participation, Persistence, and Attainment Rates: The US Standing

    Arthur M. Hauptman

    For-Profit Universities in the Political Economy of Higher Education

    Brian Pusser

Countries and Regions

    Knowledge Economies: The Singapore Example

    Ravinder Kaur Sidhu

    Politics, Ethnicity, and the Mission of the University: The Kenyan Example

    Weycliffe Otieno

Issue #53 Fall 2008

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International Issues

    Academic Career Structures: Bad Ideas

    Philip G. Altbach and Christine Musselin

Degree Mills: A Silent Crisis

    Degree Mills: The Impact on Students and Society

    Judith Eaton and Stamenka Uvalic-Trumbic

    When Criminals Control the Ministry of Education

    George Gollin

   Clipping the Wings of Degree Mills in Nigeria

    Peter Okebukola


    Globalization, Internationalization and Rankings

    Ellen Hazelkorn

    Internalization in the U.S.: Slipping Backward?

    Kim Koch

    The Private Nature of Cross-Border Higher Education

    Jason E Lane and Kevin Kinser

    Jamaica's Policy Toward GATS

    Terence Frater

China: Domestic and International

    Transnational Education in China

    Robin Matross Helms

    Joint Venture Campuses in China

    Osman Ozturgut

    China's Teriary Education Expansion

    Ma Xiaoying and Malcolm Abbott

Indian Trends

    Indian Higher Education Internationalization

    Philip G. Altbach

    Caste, Class, and Quality at the Indian Institutes of Technology

    Asha Gupta

Countries and Regions

    US Regional Accreditation Abroad

    Jean Avnet Morse

    Malaysian Challenges

    William Gerard Tierney and M. Sirat

    Efforts to Reconstruct Afghan Higher Education

    Michael Daxner