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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

Issue Index

Issue #42 Winter 2006

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International Issues

    The Dilemmas of Ranking

    Philip G. Altbach

    The Leaders of the World's Top 100 Universities

    Amanda Goodall

Marketization and Economic Themes

    Global Trends in Funding Higher Education

    Jandhyala Tilak

    Student Loans in Thailand: From Social Targeting to Cost Sharing

    Adrian Ziderman

    Austria's Fachhochschulen and the Market-Based Model

    Erich Leitner

    The Liberalization of Thai Education: Point of No Return

    Gamon Savatsomboon

Internationalization Trends

    The Comparative Academic Performance of International Students in Australia

    Alan John Olsen, Zena Burgess, and Rajeev Sharma

    Pushing Through Bologna Reforms: The Hungarian Case

    Anthony Morgan

    Australia as an Higher Education Exporter

    Grant Harmon

Private Higher Education

    Employment and China's Private Universities: Key Concerns

    Jing Lin

    Private Universities and Government Policy in Japan

    Hideo Akabayashi

Countries and Regions

    Universities without Corruption: A New Approach for Georgia's Higher Education

    Paul Temple

    New Developments in Colombia's Higher Education

    Consuelo Uribe

    Problems of Leadership and Reform in Pakistan

    Zulfikar Gilani

    Recognition of Education for Refugees: The Norwegian Experience

    Marit Egner


Issue #43 Spring 2006

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Citations and Rankings

    The Place of Citations in Today's Academy

    Amanda Goodall

    The Tyranny of Citations

    Philip G. Altbach

International Issues and International Students

    Affordability and Accessibility

    Tarla Shah

    Foreign Higher Education Activity in Francophone Africa

    Lisa Jokivirta

    Cost Sharing in Higher Education Financing: Economic Perils in Developing Countries

    Carlo Salerno

    The New Landscape of International Student Mobility

    Hey-Kyung Koh

    Where Are International Students Going?

    William Cummings and Olga Bain

GATS: The Latest News

    GATS: The Way Forward After Hong Kong

    Jane Knight

    GATS and Education Services: The Fallout from Hong Kong

    David Robinson

Internationalization and Transnational Developments

    Transnational Higher Education: A South African Perspective

    Prem Naidoo

    The Impact of Globalization: A Case of Mongolian Universities

    Altantsetseg Sodnomtseren

Private Higher Education

    A Latin American Private University Strives To Become "World Class"

    Pedro Rosso and Nicolas Velasco

    The Gray Zones of Higher Education in the United States

    Joshua Woods

    Costa Rica: Public Continuity, Private Gains

    Daniel Levy

Countries and Regions

    The Politics of Fees in Uganda

    A. B. K. Kasozi


Issue #44 Summer 2006

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International Issues

    Academic Careers, Salaries--and Corruption

    Philip G. Altbach

    International Student Experiences: Neo-Racism and Discrimination

    Jenny Lee

Africa Focus

    The Partnership for African Higher Education

    Narciso Matos

    Academic Staff Attrition at African Universities

    Wisdom J. Tettey

    Beyond Brain Drain: Possibilities and Challenges of Remitting Migrant Taxes

    Damtew Teferra

Developments in Vietnam and Cambodia

    Cambodian Higher Education—Growing Pains

    David Ford

    A 2020 Vision for Higher Education in Vietnam

    Martin Hayden and Lam Quang Thiep

    US Institutions Find Fertile Ground in Vietnam's Expanding Higher Education Market

    Mark A. Ashwill

Private Higher Education

    Declining Demand and Private Higher Education: The Portuguese Case

    Pedro Nuno Teixeira

Countries and Regions

    The Achilles Heel of India's High-Tech Future: World-Class Universities

    Philip G. Altbach

    Political Crisis at the University of Buenos Aires

    Ana M. Garcia de Fanelli

    Building a Regional Academic Credit System in Latin America

    Jane Knight

    The German "Initiative for Excellence" and the Issue of Ranking

    Barbara M. Kehm

    Shaping a New Higher Education Policy for Jamaica

    Terence Frater

    Expansion and Quality in Bangladesh

    Yuto Kitamura


Issue #45 Fall 2006

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Higher Education and Politics

    Tuition Fee Reform in Germany

    Barbara M. Kehm

    Presidential Politics and Higher Education Reforms in Mexico

    Alma Maldonado-Maldonado

   Private Higher Education in Greece: Protests Against Recognition

    Christopher Ziguras and Grant McBurnie

Economic Issues

    Higher Education and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

    David E. Bloom, David Canning, and Kevin Chan

    Institutional Tuition Fee Discounts: Cost Sharing Without Loans

    Arthur M. Hauptman

   Education and Employment Among Women in the UAE

    Fatima Abdulla

Private Higher Education

    The Development of Private Higher Education in Turkey

    Kemal Guruz

    Nicaragua: New Private versus Old Private and Public

    Carlos Olivares

    New Private Universities in Nigeria

    Isaac N. Obasi


    Chinese Higher Education in an Open-Door Era

    Philip G. Altbach

    Internationalizing Higher Education in South Africa

    Ariel Libhaber and Ryan M. Greene

Current Issues

    Judges and Higher Education: A Troublesome Precedent

    Alan L. Contreras

    “Free” Public Universities: Too Much of a Good Thing?

    Mateo Estrella

    Universities and Leaders: A Causal Link

    Amanda Goodall

Countries and Regions

    Private Tutoring in India

    Pawan Agarwal

    Trends in American Academic Work and Careers

    Martin Joel Finkelstein

    Can Hong Kong Keep Its Lead in the Brain Race?

    Philip G. Altbach and Gerard Postiglione