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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

Issue Index

Issue #38 Winter 2005

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International Issues

    The Character of the Entrepreneurial University

    Burton Clark

    New Typologies for Crossborder Higher Education

    Jane Knight

    Academic Corruption: The Continuing Challenge

    Philip G. Altbach

    World-Class Universities: American Lessons

    Charles M. Vest

Private Higher Education from Central and Eastern Europe to Central Asia

    Legitimacy and Private Higher Education in Eastern Europe

    Daniel Levy

    Global Citizens and Private Higher Education

    Snejana Slantcheva-Durst

    Private Higher Education in Central Asia

    Bermet Tursunkulova

    Access and Private Higher Education in Poland

    Wojciech Duczmal

    The Mission of Private Higher Education in Romania

    Robert D. Reisz

    Ukrainian Private Universities: Elements of Corruption

    Joseph Stetar, Oleksiy Panych, and Bin Cheng

Mexico: Policies and Practice

    Mexican Transformations in the 1990s

    Rollin Kent

    Public Universities in Mexico: Politics and Policy

    German Alvarez-Mendiola and Wietse de Vries

Indian Developments

    Myths and Realities: Distance Education in India

    A Gnanam and Anthony Stella

    Judicialization of Education in India

    Asha Gupta

Countries and Regions

    Students and Teachers at Private Universities in China

    Jing Lin

    African Endowments: Implementation Policies

    Damtew Teferra


Issue #39 Spring 2005

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Globalization Currents

    Sharing Quality Higher Education Across Borders: An International Statement
    GATS and the OECD/UNESCO Guidelines and the Academic Profession

    David Robinson

    GATS and Education: An "Insider" View from Norway

    Olve Sorensen

    The Rise and Fall of Transnational Higher Education in Singapore

    Richard Garrett

Private Higher Education Trends

    Universities: Family Style

    Philip G. Altbach

    Private Versus Public in Romania: Consequences for the Market

    Luminia Nicolescu

    Analyzing a Private Revolution: The Work of PROPHE

    Daniel Levy

Universities and Economic Development

    University-Industry Partnership Reconsidered: Three Lessons

    Sachi Hatakenaka

    State Policies, Research, and Economic Development

    Roger Geiger

Perspectives on China

    Corruption in China's Higher Education: A Malignant Tumor

    Rui Yang

    China's Universities on the Global Stage--Views from University Leaders

    Ruth Hayhoe and Julia Pan

    World-Class Universities and Reform in China

    Kathryn Mohrman

Countries and Regions

    Catholic Universities in Central Europe

    Marijan Sunjic


Issue #40 Summer 2005

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Globalization, Trade, and Accreditation

    The International Race for Accreditation

    Jane Knight

    Quality and an International Higher Education Space

    Judith Eaton

    The High Profile of Trade in Higher Education Services

    Roberta Malee Bassett

    GATS and Development

    Olve Sorensen

Internationalization Issues

    From Graduate Student to World Citizen in a Global Environment

    Maresi Nerad

Private Higher Education

    Private Higher Education in Ethiopia: The Current Landscape

    Damtew Teferra

    Gender Stratification in Japanese Private Higher Education

    Makoto Nagasawa

    Diversification within the Thai Private Sector

    Prachayani Praphamontripon

    Recognizing the Subsectors in Mexican Private Higher Education

    Juan Carlos Silas

American Concerns

    The Benefits of Higher Education: A 50-State Analysis

    Sarah Krichels

    A Nation's Colleges at Risk

    Scott Jaschik

    What's in a Name? How Universities Sow Confusion and Cheapen Academe

    Philip G. Altbach

Countries and Regions

    India: World-Class Universities?

    Philip G. Altbach

    The Reintroduction of Accreditation in Japan: A Government Initiative

    Akiyoshi Yonezawa

    Will There Be Free Higher Education in Russia?

    Anna Smolentseva


Issue #41 Fall 2005

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Internationalization Trends

    Cross-Border Education: Not Just Students

    Jane Knight

    International Students at Indian Universities

    Veena Bhalla

    Foreign Universities in India

    Sudhanshu Bhushan

    Strengthening International Education in New Zealand: Three Recent Initiatives

    Naidoo Vikash

    National Regulatory Approaches to Transnational Higher Education

    Line Verbik and Lisa Jokivirta

Markets and Finance

    Innovations in the Allocation of Public Funds

    Jamil Salmi and Arthur M. Hauptman

    The Trouble with Fees

    Michael Shattock

   Manpower Planning and University Enrollments in Singapore

    Pang Eng Fong and Linda Lim

   US Privatization, Accountability, and Market-Based State Policy

    Peter Eckel, Lara Couturier, and Dao Luu

Private Higher Education and Privatization

    China's Private Higher Education: The Impact of Public-Sector Privatization

    Yingxia Cao and Daniel Levy

    New Private-Public Dynamics: Graduate Education in Uruguay

    Pablo Landoni Couture

    Dual Privatization in Georgian Higher Education

    Marie Pachuaschvili

Countries and Regions

    Mexico's Brain Drain

    Sylvie Didou Aupetit

    Transformation, Reform, and Renewal in Afghanistan

    William Gerard Tierney