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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

Issue Index

Issue #34 Winter 2004

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International Issues

    Knowledge is Not a Product to be Bought or Sold: A South African Perspective

    Kader Asmal

    New Rationales Driving Internationalization

    Jane Knight

    National Leaders and Quality Review

    Judith Eaton

Corruption in Academe

    The Question of Corruption

    Philip G. Altbach

    Ethics in Botswana

    Indra Riddoch and Bruce J. Riddoch

    Corruption in Georgia

    Natia Janashia

Economic Issues

    Graduate Employment: Issues for Debate and Inquiry

    John Brennan

    Affordability, Access, Costing in the U.S. and U.K.

    David Palfreyman


    Lessons of Experience: Reform Initiatives in African Universities

    Damtew Teferra

    The African Virtual University--Developments and Critiques

    Moses O. Oketch

    Whither Private Higher Education in Africa?

    Mahlubi (Chief) Mabizela

Countries and Regions

    China: Regulation and Scale of Foreign Activity

    Richard Garrett

    Higher Education Reform in the Balkans: the Bologna Process

    Anthony Morgan


Issue #35 Spring 2004

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International Issues

    AIDS and Higher Education

    Michael J. Kelly


    A Decade of Transatlantic Cooperation

    Hans De Wit

    The Decline of American Internationalization

    Philip G. Altbach

Financial Issues

    Revenue Decline

    James Hearn

    Student Loan Financing in Thailand

    Gamon Savatsomboon

    Variable Fees: Who Really Benefits?

    Jamie Merisotis

    Management 101 at the "New Oxford"

    David Kirp

Private Challenges

    Divided Government and Private Growth in India

    Asha Gupta

    For-Profits in the United States

    Guilbert C Hentschke

Brazilian Developments

    Evaluating Undergraduate Education in Brazil

    Claudio de Moura Castro

    The Brazilian Academic Profession

    Elizabeth Balbachevsky and Denilde Oliveira Holzhacker

Countries and Regions

    Mobilizing the African Diaspora

    Damtew Teferra

    Afghanistan: Challenges and Attitudes

    Fred M. Hayward and Sara Amiryar


Issue #36 Summer 2004

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International Issues

    The Deteriorating Guru

    Philip G. Altbach

    Opportunity Costs and International Quality Standards

    Judith Eaton

    African Declaration on GATS and Internationalization

Universities Under Siege in the Middle East

    War and Geopolitics in the Arab States

    Andre Elias Mazawi

    Palestinian Universities Under Siege

    Fouad Moughrabi

    State and Universities in Revolutionary Iran

    Shahrzad Mojab

Privatization: A Growing Trend

    Privatization of Kenyan Public Universities

    Weycliffe Otieno

    The Transition to Privatization in Israel

    Rachel Pasternak

    Non-Public Higher Education in Vietnam

    Ngoc Minh Le and Mark A. Ashwill

    China: Private Trends

    Jing Lin

Russia: Internationalization Issues

    International Students in Russia

    Anna Smolentseva

    Missing Data in Russian International Higher Education

    Alex Kuraev-Maxah

Countries and Regions

    Access and Family Education in Latin America

    Sebastian Donoso and Ernesto Schiefelbein

    Papua-New Guinea: Striving for Quality

    Dick Rooney

    Ontario's Double Cohort

    Sue Winton and Glen Jones

    Ross University: Cash Cow or Pig in a Poke?

    Alan L. Contreras


Issue #37 Fall 2004

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International Issues

    Academic Freedom and International Higher Education

    Robert Quinn and Carla Stuart

GATS Update

    GATS Update

    Madeleine Green

    GATS Redux: The WTO Returns to Center Stage

    Philip G. Altbach

Student Mobility and National Policy

    International Student Mobility and its Limits: The Australian Case

    Fazal A Rizvi

    International Student Mobility: Project Atlas

    Adria Gallup-Black

    Where Did All the International Students Go?

    Liz Reisberg

    Japan and Transnational Higher Education

    Fujio Ohmori

Women's Higher Education

    Educating Women Worldwide

    Louise Knight

    Women's Higher Education in Asia

    Patricia Licuanan

    Women's Colleges and Universities in International Perspective

    Francesca Purcell and Robin Matross Helms

Private Higher Education

    Private Universities in South Korea

    Seung-Bo Kim and Sunwoong Kim

Corruption in Central Asia

    Academic Integrity and its Limits in Kyrgyzstan

    Madeleine Reeves

    Kazakhstan: The Issue of Corruption

    Nataliya L. Rumyantseva

Countries and Regions

    The End of Civic Diplomacy and International Education

    Philip G. Altbach