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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

Issue Index

Issue #30 Winter 2003

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International Issues

    Foreign Study: Patterns and Challenges 

    Philip G. Altbach

    Corporate Universities: Redefining the Brand

    Scott Taylor


    E-Learning: Expanding the Bottle to Fit the Genie

    Simon Marginson

    E-Learning in Asia: Supply and Demand

    Alan John Olsen

Funding and Regulating

    Cost Sharing and Access in Africa

    Bruce Johnstone and Pamela Marcucci

    Funding and Regulating in Lithuania

    Liudvika Leisyte

Accreditation and Quality Control

    The UNESCO Forum on Quality Review

    Judith Eaton

    Accreditation in the Gulf: The Case of Qatar

    Amy Kirle Lezberg

Australia's International Problems

    International Education in Australia: A Long Way Down

    Simon Marginson

    The Perils of Commercialism: Australia’s Example

    Philip G. Altbach and Anthony Welch

Countries and Regions

    Malaysian Private Higher Education and International Linkages

    Molly N. N. Lee

    Research Priorities for Redirecting American Higher Education

    Patricia Gumport

    German Higher Education in the European Context

    Ulrich Teichler

    A Decade of Reform in Argentina

    Marcela Mollis


Issue #31 Spring 2003

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International Issues

    International Perspectives on Leadership Development

    Robin Middlehurst

Trade in Higher Education: GATS and Beyond

    Trade Talk--the Four Modes

    Jane Knight

    The United States and International Education Trade

    Philip G. Altbach

Countries and Regions

    Britain: A New Round of Reforms

    John Aubrey Douglass

    China's New Private Education Law

    Fengqiao Yan and Daniel C. Levy

    The International Role of U.S. Recognized Accrediting Organizations

    Judith S. Eaton

    Evaluating and Rewarding Professors: Mexican Style

    Philip G. Altbach

    The Road Home: Exploring the Choice to Stay or Return of International Ph.D's

    Deepak Gupta, Maresi Nerad, and Joseph Cerny

    Venezuelan Higher Education: The Trend toward State Control

    Orlando Albornoz

    Losing Integrity: Higher Education and Society in the United States

    Adrienna Kezar

    Will Merger Magic Work for Hong Kong?

    Gerard Postiglione

    Reinventing Singapore: Education and the Mindset

    Paul FitzPatrick


Issue #32 Summer 2003

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International Issues

    Public Subsidies for Higher Education in Developing Countries

    David E. Bloom and Jaypee Sevilla

    African Universities, International Donors, and the Public Good

    Kenneth Prewitt

    American Accreditation of Foreign Universities: Colonialism in Action

    Philip G. Altbach

    More Shenanigans: Fake Accrediting in the International Marketplace

    Alan L. Contreras

    Public Companies and Higher Education

    Richard Garrett

Reform and Restructuring

    Britain's White Paper: Current Developments

    John F. Halsey and W. Bruce Leslie

    Higher Education and Restructuring in South Africa

    Charlton Koen

    Reforms in Hong Kong and Singapore

    Michael H. Lee and S. Gopinathan

Countries and Regions

    European Higher Education Policy: The EU's Continuing Impact

    Marijk van der Wende

    Private Higher Education in Chile: The New Exceptionalism

    Andrés Bernasconi

    Market Mechanisms in New Zealand and Australia

    Arthur M. Hauptman

    Malta: A Small University in a Small Country

    Charles Farrugia


Issue #33 Fall 2003

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International Issues

    Updated Definition of Internationalization

    Jane Knight

    Defending Academic Freedom and a Human Right

    Balakrishnan Rajagopal

"World Class" - Meanings and Implications

    The Costs and Benefits of World-Class Universities

    Philip G. Altbach

    Evolving Great Universities in Small and Developing Countries

    Pang Eng Fong and Linda Lim

Accreditation - The Debate Continues

    U.S. Higher Education: Long Reach Abroad with Tight Borders at Home

    Thomas J. La Belle

    Cambodian Accreditation: An Uncertain Beginning

    David Ford

    American Accreditation of Foreign Universities: Proceed—with Caution

    Barbara Brittingham

Private Higher Education

    Russia: Alliances with State-Run Organizations

    Dmitry Suspitsin

    The Gulf: Privatization and Americanization

    James Coffman

Countries and Regions

    High Fee Market for Australian Universities?

    Simon Marginson

    Japan's National Universities and Reform

    Martin Finkelstein

    Will New Higher Education Legislation Be Approved in France?

    Christine Musselin

    Chinese Universities and the Central Government

    Kathryn Mohrman