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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

Issue Index

Issue #18 Winter 2000

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International Issues

    What Higher Education Does Right: A Millennium Accounting

    Philip G. Altbach


    Global On-Line Learning: Hope or Hype?

    Lawrence E. Gladieux

    Technology: The International Dimensions

    James J. F. Forest

International Trends

    Internationalizing French Higher Education

    Hoa Tran

    The Sorbonne and Bologna Declarations on European Higher Education

    Hans de Wit

    Australia and Foreign Student Recruitment

    Barbara Burn

Economic Issues

    Public Higher Education and Tuition: The Russian Case

    Olga Bain

    The University of Malta's Student Stipend System

    Ronald G. Sultana

The Arab World

    Higher Education in Yemen: Knowledge and Power Revisitied

    Gabriele vom Bruck

    Higher Education in Egypt: The Realpolitik of Privatization

    Iman Farag

    Higher Education, Resistance, and State Building in Palestine

    Lisa Taraki

    The University Education of Syrian Engineers

    Sari Hanafi

    Crossing the Distance: The Open University in the Arab States

    André Elias Mazawi

Countries and Regions

    Key Policy Issues in the United States

    Arthur M. Hauptman

    Economic Crisis and Privatization in Thai Universities

    Edward Vargo


Issue #19 Spring 2000

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International Issues

    Facing the Challenges of the Twenty-First Century

    Jamil Salmi

    Community and Autonomy: What We Must Protect in the Academy

    Zelda F. Gamson

    On the Europeanization of Higher Education

    Helmut de Rudder

    Asia's Academic Aspirations: Some Problems

    Philip G. Altbach

The United States

    Financing Higher Education in the United States: An Overview

    Thomas R. Wolanin

    Changes in the Academic Workplace in the United States

    Kerry Ann O’Meara

The Southern Cone in Latin America

    Argentina: Between Tradition and Modernization

    Monica Marquina and Leandro Haberfeld

    Impediments to Private Higher Education in Uruguay

    Warren Roane

    Challenges for Public Higher Education in Uruguay

    Rodrigo Arocena and Judith Sutz

Countries and Regions

    Willing Hands and Hearts: The Rebuilding of the Royal University of Cambodia

    Pit Chamnan

    Two Years After the Thaitanic

    Edward Vargo

    Armenia: Higher Education Problems and Perspectives

    Louisa A. Antonian

    Bridging the Gap between Higher and Secondary Education in Russia

    Anna Smolentseva

    The Future of South African Research Universities

    Joseph Stetar

    Reform in Hungarian Higher Education

    Anthony Morgan

    Brain Korea 21: A Development-Oriented National Policy in Korean Higher Education

    Gilton Eun-Jun Lee


Issue #20 Summer 2000

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International Issues

    Measuring Quality in Internet-Based Higher Education

    Ronald Phipps

    The Multifunctional Digital Center

    Philip G. Altbach

    New Report on Higher Education in Developing Countries

    Mamphela Ramphele and Henry Rosovsky

Transition in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

    Hungary in the 1990s

    Ildiko Hrubos

    Romanian Reforms

    Alexandra Horobet and Bogdan Chiritoiu

    Kazakstan's Stumbling Transition

    Hoa Tran

    Internationalization in Belarus: The Post Soviet Era

    O. V. Klimanovich and I. I. Gancheryonok

African Issues

    Innovations in African Higher Education: The ADEA Report


    Endowing African Universities--Cultivating Sustainability

    Damtew Teferra

Countries and Regions

    Expanding the State Role in Malaysia

    Molly N. N. Lee

    Recent French Developments

    Christine Musselin and Stephanie Mignot-Gerard

    Germany: Bremen's New Private University

    Hans C. Giesecke

    Pressures in Saudi Arabia

    Ali A. Mosa


Issue #21 Fall 2000

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International Issues

    The European University President: An Unknown Species

    Ulrich Teichler

    The Crisis in Multinational Higher Education

    Philip G. Altbach

The Academic Profession

    The Winds of Change and Academic Staff in Europe

    Jurgen Enders

    Overreliance on Part-Time Faculty: An American Trend

    Ernst Benjamin

   Academic Freedom in Hong Kong

    Philip G. Altbach

Countries and Regions

    Mixed Policy Signals in American Higher Education

    Arthur M. Hauptman

    Reform in Belarus

    Nikolai Petroukovitch

    Widening Access and Raising Fees in Britain

    Michael Shattock

    The Foreign Invasion of Israeli Higher Education

    Roxana G. Reichman

    East German Universities Ten Years After

    Peer Pasternack

    Korean National Universities at the Crossroads

    Toru Umakoshi

    Current Issues in Australia

    David Gamage

    The Canada Research Chairs Program

    Glen A. Jones

    Endowing African Universities

    Ellen Mashiko