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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

Issue Index

Issue #14 Winter 1999

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International Issues

    Global Challenge and National Response: Note for an International Dialogue on Higher Education

    Philip G. Altbach & Todd M. Davis


    The Funding of Higher Education in Argentina

    Ana Garcia de Fanelli

    Survival of the Fittest: The University of Buenos Aires Model for the Future of Higher Education

    Philip G. Altbach

Countries and Regions

    German Higher Education at Millennium

    Barbara M. Kehm

    Norway: Five Suggestions for the Newly Elected Rector of the University of Oslo

    Arild Tjeldvoll

    Development of Differentiated Higher Education System in Moldova

    Lucia Padure

    Recent Developments in Higher Education in Singapore

    Jason Tan

    The Evolution of Postsecondary Education in Chile

    Luis Eduardo Gonzalez

    Student Activism in Israel: The End of a Naive Dream?

    Roxana Reichman

    Uganda: Problems and Possibilities

    Michel Lejune

    Japanese Higher Education Reform: The University Council Report

    Yoshikazu Ogawa

    Despite Asian Turmoil International Enrollment in the United States Grows in 1997

    Todd M. Davis


    Coordinating Latin American Higher Education Reform: IESALC

    Luis Yazarabal

    Resources for Latin American Higher Education Research

    Liz Reisberg


Issue #15 Spring 1999

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International Issues

    Changing Rationales for the Internationalization of Higher Education

    Hans de Wit

    The Perils of Internationalizing Higher Education: An Asian Perspective

    Philip G. Altbach

    Jesuit Education: An International History

    William B. Neenan, S. J.

    Continuous Learning: The Killer Application of Technology

    Jack Wilson

    Quality Assurance Management

    Grant Harman

Reform in Latin America

    Reform: Latin America in the 1990s

    Daniel C. Levy

    Reform in Mexican Higher Education: An Overview of the 1990s

    Rollin Kent

    Second-Generation Reforms in Chile

    Andres Bernasconi

    Postponing Reform: Achievements and Shortcomings of Higher Education in Venezuela

    Juan Carlos Navarro

African Challenges

    Challenge and Response in African Higher Education

    David Court

    South African Higher Education: The Challenge of Change

    Saleem Badat

The Asian Periphery

    Vietnamese Higher Education: In Search of an Identity

    Hoa Tran

    Mongolian Higher Education in Transition

    John C. Weidman and John L. Yeager

Countries and Regions

    The Challenge Ahead: British Universities in the 21st Century

    Michael Shattock

    The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Higher Education in Malaysia

    Molly N. N. Lee

    The Higher Education System in Israel

    Nissan Limor


Issue #16 Summer 1999

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International Issues

    Expansion and Development of Private Higher Education in East Central Europe

    Hans C. Giesecke

Financing of Higher Education

    Ideas on Higher Education Funding: Internal Financing of Student Loans

    Arthur M. Huaptman

    Bangladesh: Grameen Bank's Higher Education Loan Program

    Richard Hopper

Countries and Regions

    The Tuition Battle at Mexico's National University

    Daniel C. Levy and Jorge Arenas

    University Research and Economic Growth in Japan

    Arthur J. Alexander

    Higher Education Reform in Benin in a Context of Growing Privatization

    Corbin Michel Guedegbe

    Current Trends in Russian Higher Education

    Anna Smolentseva

    Employment and Working Conditions of Academic Staff in European Union

    Jurgen Enders

    The Question of Degrees in Canadian Higher Education

    Paul Goyan and Glen A. Jones

    Organizational Structure and Culture in Korean Higher Education

    Jeong-Kyu Lee


    Jesuit Education 21: Conference in the Future of Jesuit Higher Education

    Kathleen A. Mahoney


Issue #17 Fall 1999

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International Issues

    Students: Politics and Revolution

    Philip G. Altbach

    The Academy and the Public Realm

    Zelda F. Gamson

Financing Issues

    Student-Based Higher Education Financing Policies

    Arthur M. Hauptman

    Ideas for Financing African Higher Education

    Damtew Teferra

21st Century Challenges

    Prospects for Higher Education in Latin America

    Simon Schwartzman

    African Realities and Global Challenges: The 21st Century

    Jairam Reddy

China and Hong Kong

    Academic Culture in Shanghai's Universites

    Gerard Postiglione and Jiang Minghe

    Higher Education in Hong Kong: Two Years Later

    Grace C. L. Mak

Countries and Regions

    Access to Higher Education in Bangladesh: The Case of Dhaka University

    Munir Quddus

    Challenges for Catholic Higher Education in Japan

    William Currie, S.J.

    Gender and Higher Education in the Arab States

    Andre Elias Mazawi

    Two Decades of Change in Spanish Higher Education

    José-Ginés Mora

    Oxford University: Reflections of a Visiting Scholar

    Xiangming Chen