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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

Issue Index

Issue #10 Winter 1998

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International Issues

    Private Higher Education: Themes and Variations in Comparative Perspective

    Philip G. Altbach

    Emerging Private Universities in Bangladesh: Public Enemy or Ally

    Richard Hopper

    Corporatization and Privatization of Malaysian Higher Education

    Molly N. N. Lee

    Student Magna Carta Results in Philippine Private Higher Education Protest

    Andrew Gonzalez, FSC

International Issues

    Tenure in the United States: 20th Century Relic or Essential Structure for the 21st Century?

    William G. Tierney

    A Presidential Perspective from Japan

    Yoshiiaki Obara

    Transnational Education: An Australian Example

    Grant McBurnie and Anthony Pollock

    Research, Policy, and Practice in Higher Education: A UNESCO Roundtable Discussion

    Glen A. Jones

    Tertiary Distance Learning in Africa

    William Saint

Countries and Regions

    Back to the Future? Contemporary Shifts in Australian Higher Education

    Anthony Welch

    Higher Education in Hong Kong: The Morning After

    Gerard Postiglione

    The University of the Middle East

    Hala Taweel


Issue #11 Spring 1998

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Reform and Innovation

    Reforming Higher Education in Austria: Challenges and Problems

    Barbara Sporn

    Law Higher Education in Taiwan: The Rule of Law and Democracy

    Wing-Wah Law

    The Cost of Higher Education to Students and Parents in Russia: Tuition Policy Issues

    Olga Bain

    Cambodian Reforms in Higher Education Finance

    Minxuan Zhang

    Economic Crisis Accelerates the Reform of Higher Education in Thailand

    Rie Atagi

Regional Perspectives

    New Labour: Not So New Prospects for British Higher Education

    Michael Shattock

    Extensions of Foreign Universities in Israel: Transnational Education, a Form of Privatization?

    Esther E. Gottleib and Ruth Yakir

    Internationalize American Higher Education? Not Exactly

    Philip G. Altbach and Patti McGill Peterson

    Budget Cuts and Administrative Bloat

    Lionel S. Lewis

    A Coming Student Revolution?

    Philip G. Altbach


    Britain's Quality Support Centre

    John Brennen


Issue #12 Summer 1998

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International Issues

    Who Benefits from Higher Education? An American Perspective

    Jamie P. Merisotis

    Emerging Approaches to Setting Faculty Salaries

    James C. Hearn

    Three Facets of Global Student Protest

    Philip G. Altbach

Private Higher Education in Transition

    Public Policy and Private Higher Education

    Daniel C. Levy

    The Anatomy of Private Higher Education

    Philip G. Altbach

Countries and Regions

    Recent Developments in Czech Higher Education

    Ladislav Cerych

    The Challenges of Catholic Universities in Africa: The Role of ACUHIAM

    Michel Lejeune

    South African Higher Education: Emergent Issues and Debates

    Reitumetse Obakeng Mabokela

    Australian Review Recommends Vouchers, but Government is Cautious

    Grant Harmon

    Thailand's Economic Crisis Slows Down Public and Private Higher Education

    Edward Vargo

    Mexico's Approach to Quality Assurance

    Mohamed El-Khawas and Elaine El-Khawas


Issue #13 Fall 1998

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International Issues

    Academic Freedom and Human Rights: A Neglected Perspective

    Joseph H. Saunders

    Market Models, Managerial Institutions, and Managed Professionals

    Gary Rhoades

    Quality Assurance for Distance Learning in a Global Society

    Ronald A. Phipps

    The Idea of the Service University

    Arild Tjeldvoll

Higher Education Finance

    Linking Funding, Student Fees, and Student Aid: An Alternative to Cost Recovery

    Arthur M. Hauptman

    Financing Higher Education in Asia: Patterns, Trends, and Policies

    Mark Bray


    Ranking Universities in China: Same Game, Different Context

    Rui Yang

    Features, Issues, and Future Expansion of Chinese Graduate Education

    Yugui Guo

    Opportunities and Challanges of the University: Presidents Meet at Peking University

    Xiangming Chen

Private Higher Education

    Korean Private Higher Education Faces Economic Crisis

    Sungho H. Lee

    Further Privatization in Japanese Higher Education?

    Akiyoshi Yonezawa