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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

Issue Index

Issue #7 March 1997

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International Issues

    News from the Tenure Front

    Cathy Trower

    Brain Drain of African Scholars and the Role of Studying in the United States

    Damtew Teferra

Higher Education in Asia

    Cosmopolitanism Run Amok: Work and Rewards in Asia's Universities

    Philip G. Altbach

    Academic Cultures in Singapore and Hong Kong

    Allan Walker and Peter Bodycott

    The Professor and the Sensei: Faculty Roles in the United States and Japan

    Robert Birnbaum

    Chinese Higher Education Reconsidered from the U.S. Experience

    Weifang Min and Xiangming Chen

Countries and Regions

    Reform and Innovation: Ukraine's New Private Universities

    Joseph Stetar and James Stocker

    The Changing Politics and Policies of Ontario Higher Education

    Glen Jones

    Cote d'Ivoire Reforms Higher Education

    Robert J. Palmeri

    Assistance for African Higher Education: The Association for the Development of African Education (DAE)

    William Saint


    Boston College's International Focus

    Marian St. Onge


Issue #8 Summer 1997

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International Issues

    Thinking Internationally to Preserve our Libraries

    Brian L. Hawkins

    The Coming Crisis in International Education in the United States

    Philip G. Altbach

    Foreign Students in the Japanese University

    John Clammer

    Virtual University Exchange Program: Students from Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union in the United States

    Iveta Silova

Jesuit Initiatives in Higher Education

    Latin American Jesuit University Education is Alive and Well

    Charles J. Beirne, S.J.

    A Training Program for Teachers at the Royal University of Phonm Penh: A Joint Project among Jesuit Universities

    Daniel G. Ross. S.J.

Countries and Regions

    A Case Study of Higher Education Reform in Russia: Institutional Change at Ryazan State Pedagogical University

    Don Hossler

    New Paradigms in Ecuador

    Liz Reisberg

    The University and Integration in Latin America

    Axel Didriksson

    Rebuilding the University of Liberia in the Midst of War

    Patrick L. N. Seyon

    A Southeast Asian Initiative in Higher Education

    Tong-In Wongsothorn


    Comparative Insights: The Dutch Study American Higher Education

    Gerhard Smid


Issue #9 Fall 1997

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National and International Issues in Private Higher Education

    On the Threshold: Private Universities in Jordan

    Dolores L. Burke and Ahmad A. Al-Waked

    Private Higher Education in Pakistan: The Need for Order

    James Coffman

    Private Higher Education in Hungary

    Judit Nagy-Darvas

    Private Higher Education Development in China

    Rui Yang

Countries and Regions

    Higher Education in Brazil: Current Trends

    Simon Schwartzman

    Secularism and Education in the Philippines and the United States

    Peter M. Collins

International Issues

    Linking Program Review to External Scrutiny: International Developments

    Elaine El-Khawas

    The International Responsibilities of the College President

    Robert A. Scott

    Let the Buyer Pay: International Trends in Funding for Higher Education

    Philip G. Altbach