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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

Issue Index

Issue #4 Spring 1996

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International Issues

    The American Academic Profession: Future Challenges

    Philip G. Altbach and Martin Joel Finkelstein

    The World Bank and UNESCO on Higher Education

    Rollin Kent

    European Internationalization Programs

    Hans de Wit

    Ernest Boyer: An Appreciation

    Philip G. Altbach

Countries and Regions

    Jesuits and the Modern Chinese University

    Ruth Hayhoe

    American Freshman Survey Results

    Linda J. Sax

    The Deregulation of Higher Education in Taiwan

    Ching-Hwa Tsai

    The Collapse of the Venezuelan University as an Instrument for Economic and Social Development

    Orlando E. Albornoz

    Current Issues in Higher Education in the Arab World

    James Coffman


    Strengthening Internationalism in U.S. Higher Education

    Barbara Burn

    The Secularization of the Modern American University (Book Review)

    J. A. Appleyard, S.J.


Issue #5 July 1996

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National and Regional Issues in Higher Education

    Private Research Centers: Changing the Face of Latin American Higher Education and Development

    Daniel C. Levy

    The Emergence of Private Postsecondary Education in the Former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan

    James S. Catterall and Raymond McGhee, Jr.

    Renewing the Goals of Catholic Higher Education in Asia

    Brother Andrew Gonzales, FSC

    Mexican Higher Education in Transition: From Politically to Financially Driven Public Policies

    Imanol Ordorika

    The Reform of Russian Higher Education: We Had, We Lost, We Gained

    Evgenii Kodin

    Japanese Universities Facing the World

    Ruth Hayhoe

    Funding Crisis for Australian Universities

    Grant Harmon

    Democracy and Higher Education in Paraguay

    Vicente Sarubbi Zaldivar


    The Cultures of Education: The European Asssociation for International Education

    Hans de Wit


Issue #6 December 1996

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National and Regional Issues in Higher Education

    Rethinking the Nature of Scholarship

    Ernest A. Lynton

    The Internationalization of Australian Higher Education

    Don Smart and Grace Ang

    The Dilemma of Higher Education Reform in the United States

    Lionel S. Lewis and Philip G. Altbach

    Student Uprisings in South Korea: Passion for Reunification and a Return to Violent Protest

    Hyaeweol Choi

    Growing Interest in Teaching among U.S. College Faculty

    Linda J. Sax

    Problems of Private Higher Education in Russia

    Evgenii Kodin

    Recent Developments in Scandinavian Higher Education

    Arild Tjeldvoll

    Higher Education in Thailand: Traditions and Bureaucracy

    Sakda Prangpatanpon