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Center for International Higher Education

International Higher Education

Issue Index

Issue #1  Spring 1995

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International Issues

    Flows of International Students: Trends and Issues

    Todd Davis

    Adventures of a Minister of Education: Chile in 1994

    Ernesto Schiefelbein

    Higher Education and the Political Process: Reflections of an Assistant Minister of Education

    Sungho Lee

    International Higher Education: America Abdicates Leadership

    Philip G. Altbach and Hans de Wit

    Some Critical Issues Facing Jesuit Higher Education Today

    Vincent Durninuco

Country Profiles

    Trends in Japanese Higher Education

    William Currie, S.J.

    Some Current Developments in India's Higher Education

    N. K. Uberoi

Institutional Profiles

    New Higher Education Institution in Chile

    A. John Swope, S.J.

Book Reviews

    Gospel from the World Bank Higher Education: The Lessons of Experience Washington (Book Review)

    Fernando Reimers

    Dimensions of Higher Education in Africa

    Paul Tiyambe Zeleza


Issue #2  Fall 1995

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International Issues

    Faculty versus Administration: A Universal Problem

    Philip G. Altbach and Lionel S. Lewis

    The Ratchet and the Lattice: Understanding the Complexity of the Modern University

    Peter Nichols

    Reverse Brain Drain: Who Gains or Loses?

    Hyaeweol Choi

    Institutional Innovation in Central Europe

    Peter Darvas

    Turning the Mirror on Ourselves: Research on Teaching in Postsecondary Education

    James J.F. Forest

Country Profiles

    Chinese Higher Education: 21st Century Challenges

    Keming Hao

    The Dilemmas of Change: Higher Education in Belarus

    James L. Bess

    Developing a Canadian Science and Technology Strategy

    Glen Jones

    Re-Engineering Higher Education in the Philippines

    Andrew Gonzalez, FSC

Institutional Profiles

    Sophia University, Tokyo: An International Institution

    William Currie, S.J.


Issue #3  December 1995

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International Issues

    Agents for Change or More Humane Oppressors?: Goals of Third World Universities

    Charles J. Beirne, S.J.

    Intersecting Cultures: Confucian and Jesuit Meet in Korea

    Gay Garland Reed

    Asian Catholic Universities Meet in Indonesia

    Daniel Ross, SJ.

    The Pew Higher Education Roundable

    Peter Nichols

    Learning from Each Other: Japan, the United States and the International Knowledge System

    Philip G. Altbach

Countries and Regions

    Jesuit Higher Education in India Today: Institutionalizing our Charisma in the Affiliating University

    Rudolf C. Heredia, S.J.

    Currency and Crisis: Higher Education in Francophone Africa

    Corbin Michel Guedegbe

    Hong Kong Higher Education and its Academic Profession: Entering the Red Chamber

    Gerard Postiglione

    Higher Education Reform in Argentina

    Carlos Pujadas


    USIA Initiatives for North American Trilateral Exchange

    Marianne Craven

    The Decline of the Modern University (Book Review)

    Philip G. Altbach

    Useful Prescriptions (Book Review)

    D. Bruce Johnstone