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Center for International Higher Education

Higher Education Corruption Monitor


What you will find here

Academic Corruption News.  We continually monitor the Internet for news, articles, videos, podcasts, and other sources on academic corruption.  Our database contains entries from around the world.  Most of the information is in English, but entries in other languages are also available.  This section contains links to the most recent entries in our database.  News is available in this section for one full week; academic papers, podcasts and videos are available for a longer period (2 weeks to a month).

Search Engine.  After an entry is removed from the News section, it is archived in the CIHE database where it can be accessed using our search functionality.  Because the archives primarily store links to the original source, availability of original articles is dependent on their being accessible over time on the Web.  Most entries in this database are from October 2009 to the present.  Older entries can be located by topic and country using the following links found in the left navigation menu: “general,” “admissions & examinations,” and “degree fraud.”  Links to other websites on corruption and higher education can be consulted in the section “related links.”

How you can help

We rely on limited resources to post information on academic corruption to our website.  If you know about content that should be included in the monitor please email us ( Contents in languages other than English are welcome. In these cases, we appropriate receiving short summaries in English.  We are focused on news and scholarly publications.  We do not include any denunciations, claims, or suspicions against any individual or organization.