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Center for International Higher Education

Visiting Scholars

Current Visiting Scholars

Photo of CIHE staff 2014-2015
Laura E. Rumbley, Maxim Denim, Georgiana Mihut, Ariane de Gayardon, Kara Godwin, Fawziah Albakr, Philip G. Altbach, and Gladys Beatriz Barreyro. (Ivan Pacheco not pictured)

Armağan Erdoğan


Armağan Erdoğan is an assistant professor at the Social Sciences University of Ankara (SSUA), Turkey. She is also the director of the Center for Higher Education Studies at SSUA. She received her M.A and Ph.D. degrees in English and Comparative Literary Studies at the University of Warwick (United Kingdom). Apart from teaching and research activities as a faculty member, she worked both as the advisor at the Turkish Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and as the head of the International Unit, responsible for the national implementation of the Bologna Process, between the years 2008-2012. She also acted as the Bologna Follow-Up Group Representative (BFUG) for Turkey. Dr. Erdoğan’s research interests are internationalization of higher education, the Bologna Process and gender in higher education.

Headshot of Daniel Kontowski

Daniel Kontowski


Daniel Kontowski is an early stage researcher in higher education and a PhD. candidate at the Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw. His research interests focus on of liberal education institutions: their curriculum design, multi-level governance, historical and contemporary discourses as well as the limitations of their international comparability. Daniel’s ambition is to trace the values behind liberal education initiatives and reconsider their role in contemporary higher education – and he aims to achieve that by scrutinizing the ambiguous case of European liberal arts-related programs that were founded after 1989.

At CIHE Daniel is working on his thesis on the idea and social aspects of liberal education initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe, employing a comparative perspective based on research visits to colleges in the US, the Netherlands, Russia and Poland. The research is sponsored within Diamond Grant framework, governmental grants for outstanding Polish graduate students (2012-2016).

Daniel is an alumnus of College for Individual Interdepartmental Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences (MISH UW), where he earned his BA in sociology (2010), artes liberales (2011), and subsequently MA in sociology (2013), all with highest honors. More info, articles and blog posts can be accessed through


Headshot of Kara Godwin

Kara Godwin

Kara A. Godwin is a visiting scholar and consultant at the Boston College Center for International Higher Education (CIHE) where she completed her PhD in 2013. She is an interdisciplinary social scientist who studies domestic and global higher education. Her work focuses on curriculum, learning, teaching, and internationalization. Kara is particularly excited about investigating national and institutional policies that disrupt traditional ways of thinking about higher education. Her forthcoming book, Changing Tides: The Global Rise (and US Decline) of Liberal Education, analyzes the growing global interest in liberal arts education and is based on the Global Liberal Education Inventory, a worldwide database of 200 programs. Kara is the founder and director of the new Global Liberal Education Association, an international collaboratory for sharing research, news, and critical discourse. Before CIHE, Kara was at the Northwestern University Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching. Kara has been a visiting scholar at Amsterdam University College, a policy analyst for the Rhode Island (US) Board of Governors, and a consultant for projects on international development, curriculum assessment, study abroad, and faculty development. She enjoys teaching about the social context and impact of higher education, student learning, comparative systems of education, intercultural competence, public policy, project management, and strategic planning. In a former life, Kara was an IT analyst and project manager in the US and UK. She completed her master of science at Northwestern University (IL, 2005) and her BA at Augustana College (IL, 1996) both in the US

Headshot of Jiang Kai

Kai Jiang


Dr. Kai Jiang is an associate professor and assistant dean at the Graduate School of Education, Peking University. He has published extensively on international higher education, Chinese higher education, and higher education theories. His current Fulbright visiting research project (2014-2015) is “An Empirical Study of Accountability of the Professoriate in the American Universities.” 


Headshot of Yukiko Shimmi

Yukiko Shimmi

Yukiko Shimmi is an assistant professor and international education advisor at the Graduate School of Law, Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, Japan. Yukiko received her Ph.D. degree in Higher Education at Boston College while she worked as a research assistant at CIHE. She earned her masters' degree in Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota with a Fulbright scholarship. She also holds a Bachelors' of Arts in Human Relations from Keio University in Japan. Yukiko's research focuses on international visiting scholars and their experiences in the United States. She also studies the impact of study abroad experiences on students. At the University of Minnesota, she worked for International Student and Scholar Services and contributed to programing and support for international and domestic students. Previously she worked for two Japanese universities in student services and academic affairs with both domestic and international students. Yukiko's articles, "The Decline of Japanese International Students" (issue #64, Summer 2011), "Should Japanese University Shift the Academic Calendar?" (issue #70, Winter 2013), and "International Visiting Scholars: Potential Resources through Brain-circulation and Internationalization" (issue #77, Fall 2014) were published in International Higher Education.