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Cover Page of Perspectives 4

The World View: Selected blogs published by Inside Higher Education, 2010-2016 

The fourth edition of CIHE Perspectives, produced by the Boston College Center for International Higher Education, presents a selection of articles that have been published in The World View since 2010 and is designed to celebrate the work done to date. The hope of the authors of this CIHE Perspectives issue is that this exercise may reveal broader trends in higher education that will serve as a source of inspiration and further debate on the state of higher education globally. 


The Globalization of Internationalization

The Globalization of Internationalization is a timely text which gives voice to emerging perspectives as an increasing range of countries engage in the process of internationalization. The pressure to internationalize cannot be ignored by institutions anywhere in today’s world, yet the dominant paradigms in the conception of internationalization traditionally come from the English-speaking world and Western Europe. This book sets out to offer alternative viewpoints. Different dimensions and interpretations of internationalization in countries and regions whose perspectives have received little attention to date provide food for thought, and help to broaden understanding of its application in alternative contexts.


International Faculty in Higher Education


In an interconnected and globally competitive environment, faculty mobility across countries has become widespread, yet is little understood. Grounded in qualitative methodology, this volume offers a cutting-edge examination of internationally mobile academics today and explores the approaches and strategies that institutions pursue to recruit and integrate international teachers and scholars into local universities

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The new issue in the CIHE/ACE International Briefs for Higher Education Leaders Series is now available online. It explores recent European internationalization initiatives, including the Bologna Process, Erasmus, and Horizon 2020, and their implications for European-US higher education collaboration.​​​

CIHE Perspective 3



CIHE Perspectives 3 brings together three case studies in the context of a pilot project for a larger study—“Catholic Universities: Identity and Internationalization”— undertaken by the Center for Research on Educational Policy and Practice (CEPPE) of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) and CIHE.


Cover ranking book


In collaboration with the National Research University Higher School of Economics, CIHE is delighted to announce the publication of The Global Academic Rankings Game by Routledge. It provides provides a much-needed perspective on how countries and universities react to academic rankings, based on a unified case methodology of eleven key countries and academic institutions.

Events and Updates

Seminar: 2017 World Education Services (WES) - CIHE

Offered jointly by WES and CIHE, this seminar – which will be held at Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts – aims to explore how the global trend towards nationalism, including the U.K.’s planned departure from the EU and the early actions of the new U.S. administration, will affect the internationalization of higher education. Join us as we address critical questions and provide a space for higher education professionals to discuss implications for their respective institutions.

Sign up here

The Role of Higher Education in Fragile Contexts

by Ivan Pacheco (CIHE visiting scholar), Louise Michelle Vital (CIHE visiting scholar), Sarah Wilcox, and Danielle Alperin

How do systems of higher education rebuild in post-conflict and post-disaster settings? What is the role of higher education in peacebuilding? Can higher education be a mechanism to support conflict transformation on campus and communities? For scholars facing threats and dangers, what alternatives are available to them?  At the annual Comparative and International Education Society...

Read the full USAID Education in Crisis & Conflict blog post here

Anarchy and Exploitation in Scientific Communication

by Philip Altbach 

Technology, greed, a lack of clear rules and norms, hyper-competitiveness and a certain amount of corruption have resulted in confusion and anarchy in the world of scientific communication. Not too long ago, scientific publication was largely in the hands of university publishers and non-profit scientific societies, most of which were controlled by the academic community...

Read the full University World News article here

The Peace Process and Higher Ed in Colombia 

by Matthew Reisz

In this particular piece, the Center's visiting scholar Ivan Pacheco and international consultant Liz Reisberg share their insights on peace and Colombian higher education. 

Read full Inside Higher Education article here


A Sandbox Podcast: Massification and the Global Knowledge Economy

In this episode of Thinking Outside the Sandbox (Feb 28, 2017), deputy director of research Brian Fleming explores the megatrends of globalization, massification of higher education, and the global knowledge economy with Dr. Phillip Altbach, professor and founding director of the Boston College Center for International Higher Education. Dr. Altbach also discusses findings from his most recent book, Global Perspectives on Higher Education, and his view of the future of the teaching university. Sandbox is pleased to present this episode as part of our ongoing coverage of megatrends and the future of higher education.

This podcast is live here

CIHE joins the Boston College family in mourning the passing of Rev. J. Donald Monan, S.J., who served as BC's 24th president and first chancellor. CIHE owes its very existence to Fr. Monan, as Dr. Philip Altbach, CIHE's founding director, was hired as the J. Donald Monan, SJ, Professor of Higher Education in 1995, enabling him to found the Center at Boston College at that time and sustain its work over 20 years. Altbach credits Monan's intellectual curiosity about the world and respect for academic freedom in the broadest sense, for giving him and CIHE ideal conditions in which to flourish. CIHE's current director, Dr. Hans de Wit, notes that Fr. Monan's sustained support of CIHE nurtured a generation of scholars in the field of international higher education, whose influence will have longstanding and positive effects. See Fr. Monan speak in 2013 about Philip Altbach's career upon Dr. Altbach's retirement.

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Chinese delegation visits the Center

On March 13, a group of 12 directors and deputy directors from different universities in Beijing visited the Center for International Higher Education as part of a program organized by the Office of China Affairs of the University of Maryland. CIHE Director Hans de Wit and Founding Director Philip Altbach hosted the group and gave presentations on current trends in international higher education.

guni series

Global University Nework for Innovation

The 6th HEIW Report deals with the dual responsibilities of universities at local and global scale, exploring the potential conflict, or intrinsic difficulties, in addressing both local demands of society based on the race for global competitiveness and local and global demands to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable society, at local and global scales.

In a chapter titled "Reimagining the Curriculum for the 21st Century," Hans de Wit and Betty Leask explore the potential of the curriculum as a means by which universities can stimulate human activity, which creates dynamic and sustainable local and global communities. 

Read their chapter as well as the complete report here


Global higher education might turn upside down as West turns inward

by Philip G. Altbach and Hans de Wit

The implementation of restrictions barring citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the US is only the latest mini-tsunami in what will be a sea change in patterns of higher education internationalisation. 

Read full Times Higher Education article here


5th Global Survey by IAU

Hans de Wit has been invited as a member of the IAU Advisory Board for the 5th IAU Global Survey on Internationalization of Higher Education by the International Association of Universities (IAU). He served also on the Advisory Board for the 4th Global Survey.

phil and hans

Dark Clouds over American Academia

by Philip G. Altbach and Hans de Wit

Top universities will not collapse, and the U.S. will not seriously suffer in the rankings, at least in the short run. Those universities have sufficient excellence to survive a period of instability. The public research universities, already battered by budget cuts by the States for more than a decade, will be affected first and most seriously...

Read full article here

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