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Historian's Toolkit

The Historian’s Toolkit offers a set of reference tools and learning modules for Chinese history that are designed to be useful to students and instructors in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines – including but not only those in Chinese history courses. Our intent is to use the design resources of the web to open up the world of Chinese historical documents to nonspecialists as well as scholars, giving them the vocabulary with which to discuss Chinese culture, and offering a glimpse of particular historical moments and patterns of change.

Dynastic Chronology

Brief Dynastic Chronology of China
A bilingual historical chronology by dynasty, with audio files of Mandarin pronunciations.

Calendar advertisement Document Study Unit -- Timing Modernity: 
A Chinese Calendar Advertisement of the 1920s
Explore what a single pictorial advertisement can reveal about commerce, notions of beauty, nationalism, politics, urban development, social custom and more in early twentieth century China.

Documentary Study Unit -- Envisioning Chinese Society at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: Images from the Dianshizhai Pictorial
Illustrated news items from an innovative Shanghai pictorial newspaper open a window onto Chinese society and culture -- both high and low -- during the last quarter of the nineteenth century, to sometimes startling and unusual effect.

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China in Boston Culture and History China at BC Travel and Study Abroad
China in Boston Culture and History China at BC Travel and Study Abroad