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  Woman and child in Chinatown, Boston, MA

Chinatown in Boston - GatewayMany Americans might not link Boston as readily with the Chinese community as they would cities such as San Francisco and New York.  Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll be surprised at what you find.  Much of the wealth of New England’s oldest families was built on the China trade, a legacy visible in the vast array of art and scholarly resources that it funded.  The long history of Chinese residence in the area continues to be reshaped, both by new migrants and by the continued popularity of local universities as a destination for international students. 

Community activists and artists work to unearth Chinatown’s history and culture – both literally and figuratively – while a steady stream of DJs, designers and dissidents from across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and beyond bring a constant current of fresh ideas and images to the city.  Movies, music, food, conversation, lectures, research, volunteering, dragon boat races – one way or another, it’s not hard to find bits of China in Boston, once you start looking.




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China in Boston Culture and History China at BC Travel and Study Abroad
China in Boston Culture and History China at BC Travel and Study Abroad