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Undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Carroll School of Management, and the Lynch School of Education can enroll in the Asian Studies interdisciplinary minor.  Here they have the opportunity to take courses in several departments, including English, Fine Arts, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Slavic and Eastern Languages and Theology.  In addition, Asian Studies faculty often provide formal and informal advice for individual student research projects and study abroad. The program sponsors lectures and other activities on campus, including a monthly seminar inviting scholars in a variety of fields to present their work. For more information, see

Students also have the opportunity to declare a minor in Chinese within the Slavic and Eastern Languages department; the minor concentrates on acquiring proficiency in the modern language and knowledge in aspects of Chinese culture and literary tradition, and requires a minimum of six one-semester courses, including two in modern Mandarin Chinese above the intermediate level and four courses in Chinese culture and literature. See for more information.

The following BC faculty members research China and/or regularly offer courses that deal with the culture, history, language, philosophy and politics of China and the Chinese diaspora.  In addition, courses with China-related content can also be found in departments such as English, fine arts, sociology and theology – check departmental web sites for more detail.  This information is for general guidance only; please refer to current course catalogs for the most up to date listings.

Sing-chen Lydia Chiang
Slavic and Eastern Languages
East Asian Studies
Coordinator, East Asian Studies

SL 165/166 Third Year Chinese
SL 245/246 Advanced Chinese
SL 393 Advanced Tutorial: Chinese
SL 256 Chinese Literature and Society
SL 262 Gods and Heroes in Chinese Literature
SL 263 Far Eastern Civilizations


Slavic and Eastern Languages
Chinese Language

SL 009/010 Elementary Chinese
SL 165/166 Third-Year Chinese

Jeremy Clarke, S.J.
Christianity in China

HS 300.32 Foreign and Local: Christian History in China 1583-1773
HS 302 From Sun Yat-sen to Shanghai 2010

Christina Klein
American studies; literature and culture of America's interaction with Asia
EN 383 Asian American Film
EN 495 Asian Cinema
Ramsay Liem
Community psychology; Asian American/Korean American Studies
PS 354 Culture, Identity, and Asian American Experience

LU Fang
Slavic and Eastern Languages
Chinese Language

SL 009/010 Elementary Chinese
SL 245/246 Advanced Chinese I

Rebecca Nedostup photo Rebecca Nedostup
Modern China

HS 006 Asia in the World II
HS 152 China Pop
HS 300.97 Shanghai in Myth and History
HS 303 Late Imperial China
HS 304 Greater China in the Modern Age, 1895-Present
HS 628 Religion in Chinese Society

Robert Ross photo

Robert S. Ross
Political Science
Chinese Politics;
Chinese-U.S. Relations

PO 081 Introduction to International Politics
PO 503 Chinese Foreign Policy
PO 514 East Asian Security

Franziska Seraphim
Modern and contemporary Japan; relations with Asia
HS 005 Asia in the World I (History Core)

Graduate School of Social Work
Social development and social welfare

SW899-01 Macro Independent Study: China
Min Hyoung Song
Asian and ethnic American and 20th century
literature; cultural studies
EN 246 Introduction to Asian American Literature
EN 777 Asian American Cultural Studies
Francis Soo photo Francis Soo
Chinese Philosophy
PL 193 Chinese Classical Philosophy: Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism

Slavic and Eastern Languages
Chinese Language

SL 061/062 Intermediate Chinese
SL 085/086 Intermediate Chinese for Heritage Speakers

Qingwen Xu photo

Qingwen Xu

Graduate School of Social Work
Comparative Social Policy; welfare reform;
Immigrant and refugee issues



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China in Boston Culture and History China at BC Travel and Study Abroad
China in Boston Culture and History China at BC Travel and Study Abroad