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Workplace Impact

Employer-engaged research is a form of participatory research where the researchers and employers work together so that the design and implementation of the study is mutually beneficial. Workplaces benefit from the infusion of rigorous evidence, while scholars benefit from the opportunity to improve their research by leveraging workplace knowledge and experience. By creating dialogue between the two and providing opportunities for research and practice to share knowledge, both our research and employer responses to its implications are enhanced.

Since our founding in 2005, the Center has successfully collaborated with business leaders and their representatives in employer engaged research—scholarly investigations, outreach campaigns, and learning circles, to facilitate organizational efforts to adapt to shifting workforce age demographics.  For us, this means a commitment to translating evidence-based research for the workplace as well as linking the knowledge, experience, and desires of practitioners to the design of research studies.

Success is mutual and collaborative. Employers benefit from the opportunity to step back from the short-term, market-driven business world and consider the long-term implications from an evidence-based perspective. The center accelerates employer understanding and decision-making through focused collaborations that lead from awareness of how age-related factors make a difference to concrete practical action.

In order to ensure that we are business relevant, the Center works with a committee of Workplace Advisors. Our Advisors guide development of the Center’s research and workplace-based projects and help us identify emerging issues which may inform new studies and publications.  

Currently we are working with employers in a range of industry sectors – high-tech, hospitality, financial services, retail, healthcare, higher education, pharmaceuticals, the federal government, and more – while exploring relationships with the professional associations of several industry sectors.

Current Research

We are proud to introduce our Innovative Practices Case Reports—Center collaborates with business leaders to prepare cases which are anchored in innovative practice.

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Project Opportunities

Employers can participate in our research in several capacities, including:

  • Advising research questions and design.
  • Providing site access for data collection.
  • Participating in case studies and interviews.

What project would you like to be involved in?