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The Case for Quitting Your Job | The Wall Street Journal

13 October 2014—Jacquelyn James, Center's Co-director of Research was mentioned on The Wall Street Journal.

A Look in the Mirror

A good evaluation of your situation, career counselors suggest, includes two parts: internal, in which you appraise yourself and your performance; and external, in which you examine signals from others in the office.

Bill Winn, a psychologist with career-development firm New Directions Inc. in Boston, advises clients to start with a list of what they like and dislike about their jobs, keeping in mind such questions as: When I’m “in the zone” and am so absorbed I fail to notice the passage of time, what am I doing? What am I not getting from my job? What have I set aside to do this job that I no longer want to delay?

Jacquelyn James, co-director of research at Boston College’s Sloan Center on Aging and Work, puts it more bluntly. “Are [you] embracing the next challenge—or coasting?”…

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