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Maybe the best workplace for baby boomers | Boomer Cafe

25 June 2014—Sloan Center on Aging & Work is mentioned on

The Quest to Be the Best

In 2007, at a conference of public sector HR managers, Lenowitz saw a newspaper article about AARP’s 50 best companies for workers over 50. He noticed there wasn’t a single federal, state or local agency on the AARP list and boldly predicted to the conferees that the NIH would be on it next year.

Sure enough, the NIH broke into the AARP list at No. 11 and last year, topped its national rankings. (The Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College has also praised the NIH for being a prized employer of older workers.)

The NIH scored these honors, in part, because it actively recruits workers at 50+ job fairs and its scientists attend professional meetings where they sometimes persuade older colleagues to come to the NIH.

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