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Solutions to get the older long-term unemployed back to work | American Enterprise Institute

03 June 2014—Entrepreneurship and the Older Worker, Center's Fact Sheet is quoted on

The Great Recession hit workers aged 55 or older particularly hard. At its peak in August 2010, the unemployment rate for this group reached 7.4 percent. This was a stark change from previous recessions, in which the unemployment rate for this group had been fairly modest relative to the rest of the population.1 In the 1990–92 recession, the unemployment rate among those 55 and older peaked at 5 percent, below the prerecession unemployment rate for the full working-age population...

...Reinforcing this finding, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor found that workers 55 and older had increased their entrepreneurial activity during the first two years of the crisis. [Note 32 of the article, based on Sloan Center's Fact Sheet]

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