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The Art of Kicking a Duck: The Effects of Absenteeism | Anthony Harrell, Hubpages

26 May 2014—Center's research is mentioned on

Employees miss work for various reasons. Some are legit while others may not be. Most employees get themselves out of bed while others kick & scream like infants because they do not want to release themselves from their bed.

The reasons why employees miss work vary: illness (to either themselves or their children), injuries, personal problems such as depression, stress from work, low morale, or their relationship with their supervisors.

The "Art of Kicking a Duck" represents way to improve employee morale through engagement programs by looking at ways to prevent staff members from ducking out of work. As a manager, you have to "kick" up some ideas as to the potential problems but also find some sound solutions. Unhappy employees will have a negative impact on the bottom line and have the same effect on customer satisfaction.

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