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Your encore career: Which jobs need senior workers? | Golden Girl Finance

11 March 2014— Center's research about older workers was mentioned on

A new retirement model

The idea of continuing to work has moved into the mainstream, thanks in part to a convergence of economic and demographic factors. Bolstered by new legislation supporting encore fellowships, these new career opportunities are intended to provide retirees with less stressful, flexible working opportunities. But as with any job, the competition for these extended working options can be quite fierce.

Pushing through lingering biases against older workers takes confidence and determination. While employers are open to hiring elderly staffers, many still focus their attention on attracting and retaining younger employees. When it comes to reentering the workforce, you’ll want to look for opportunities where you can clearly articulate your skills, commitment and extensive experience. According to a survey by The Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College, most employers believe older workers are more loyal than their younger counterparts. Nevertheless, you might want to focus on past employers and colleagues. Folks that are familiar with your personality and proven work ethic are far more likely to want to hire you.

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