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It's OK to be an older worker—as long as you don't lose your job | NBCNews

5 September 2013—Sloan Center's co-director of research, Jacquelyn James, shares her thoughts about older workers with Allison, Linn, CNBC Digital.

Experts say many people who are nearing traditional retirement age want to keep working, and are healthy enough to do so. But, they say, some are fighting employers’ perceptions that workers in their 50s and 60s are out of touch or not worth the investment.

“The people in that age group today are in the middle of a huge transition in terms of how age is seen and experienced, and I don’t think the world has caught up with that change,” said Jacquelyn James, co-director of research at Boston College’s Sloan Center on Aging & Work. “So older workers are still seen as people who are planning for retirement, who are on their way out their door, who are disengaging.”

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