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Earth Day brings renowned anthropologist to WSU | The Sunflower News

Bateson is a retired professor of anthropology and English at George Mason University. Currently, she is a visiting scholar at the Sloan Center on Aging and Work at Boston College, and she also serves on the advisory boards of the National Science Foundation and the National Center on Atmospheric Research, working on climate change. She is the daughter of the famous social anthropologist Margaret Mead and cybernetics pioneer Gregory Bateson.

Bateson will be giving a lecture, “Earth Our Kin: Climate Change and the Ecological Threat,” which is about the Man vs. Nature relationship of our society and its potential ecological consequences. She argues that the inability to respond to ecological problems results from lack of cooperation.

“Cooperation is a form of behavior. But in order to make choices of cooperative behavior and mutually supportive behavior, we have to see nature and society as interdependent,” Bateson said.

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