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Silver-collar economy: Kalamazoo-area workers follow national trend in putting off retirement -

It may be time to put away those rocking chairs and list the golf clubs on eBay. Whether driven by economic necessity or a desire to remain engaged, more people are punching clocks well past their 65th birthday.

In 2012, one in nine men over age 75 was working, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and one in 20 women over 75 were employed. That was the highest number recorded since the government started keeping those statistics in 1981.

"I do think that a lot of people who are approaching later in life these days are thinking differently about the future of retirement," said Jacquelyn James, director of research at the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College. "People are living longer, and how many years do you want to play golf?"

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