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4 out of 5 employers say they support employees working past age 65

Among small, medium and large employers combined, 81% “agree with the statement, ‘My company is supportive of its employees working past 65,’ including 41% that ‘strongly agree’ and 40% that ‘somewhat agree’”, according to a 2017 analysis of 1800 employers’ responses to the Transamerica Retirement Survey. (p. 26)
Collinson, C. (2017). All about retirement: An employer survey. Los Angeles: Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies. Retrieved from this source.
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22 August 2017
40% of people age 55+ are in the labor force

15 August 2017
1 in 4 men aged 62-65 experienced 4 or more periods of unemployment in their lifetimes

08 August 2017
1 in 5 workers aged 61-66 would reduce hours even if pay was reduced

01 August 2017
Almost 1 in 4 women in the U.S. labor force are age 55+


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