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By age 62, 1 in 4 are still working in their 'career' occupation

Among workers age 55+ who participated in the Health and Retirement Survey from 1992-2010, "by age 62, 57% are no longer in the labor force, 26% are still in their 'career' occupation (that is, longest held occupation), and 17% have changed from their career occupation to another occupation, potentially indicating bridge employment or unretirement," according to a 2016 analysis of data from the Health and Retirement Survey. By age 66, 73% are not in the labor force, while about 13% are in the same occupation and 13% are in different occupations. (p. 12 and Table 4)
Sonnega, A., Helppie McFall, B., & Willis, R. J. (2016). Occupational transitions at older ages: What moves are people making? (Working Paper No. WP 2016-352). Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Retirement Research Center. Retrieved from this source.
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