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9 in 10 retirees who continue working do so to stay active and involved

"Almost all retirees who say they worked for pay in retirement in the 2017 RCS give a positive reason for doing so, saying they did so because they wanted to stay active and involved (90%) or enjoyed working (82%). However, they say that financial reasons also played a role in that decision, such as wanting money to buy extras (67%), needing money to make ends meet (42%), a decrease in the value of their savings or investments (23%), or keeping health insurance or other benefits (13%)," according to the 2017 EBRI Retirement Confidence Survey. (Fig. 28, p. 20)
        Greenwald, L., Craig Copeland, C., & VanDerhei, J. (2017). The 2017 retirement confidence survey: Many workers lack retirement confidence and feel stressed about retirement preparations. (EBRI Issue Brief No. 431). Washington, DC: Employee Benefit Research Institute. Retrieved from this source.
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25 April 2017
Working-poor rate for workers aged 55-64 is about 3%

18 April 2017
3 in 10 retirees have worked for pay in retirement

11 April 2017
Women aged 55-65 spend about 23 hours per week at work

04 April 2017
4 in 10 workers expect to retire at 70 or beyond


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