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Over 6 million adults age 50-64 hold student loan debt


Among older adults holding Federal student loan debt in 2015, there were about "6.3 million borrowers age 50 to 64 and 870,000 borrowers age 65 and older. Since fiscal year 2005, these figures represented an increase in the number of borrowers in the age 50 to 64 and 65 and older groups of 119% and 385%, respectively," according to a 2016 analysis of Department of Education data.
        Government Accountability Office. (2016). Social security offsets: improvements to program design could better assist older student loan borrowers with obtaining permitted relief. (GAO No. 17-45). Washington DC: United States Government Accountability Office. Retrieved from this source.
Note: For more on this topic, see Snapshot of older consumers and student loan debt. (2017). Washington, DC: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Retrieved from this source.
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