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In Africa, 50% of men age 65+ are in the labor force, compared to 10% in Europe


"Sharp differences in labor force participation at ages 65 and above exist among regions of the world. In 2010, older African men and women both had the highest rates of labor force participation-more than 50% for men and over 30% for women. At the other end of the scale, in Europe, less than 10% of older men and less than 5% of older women were in the labor force," according to a 2016 analysis of data from the International Labor Organization. (p. 92 and fig. 6.1)
        He, W., Goodkind, D., & Kowal, P. (2016). An aging world: 2015. (International Population Reports No. P95/16-1). Washington DC: United States Census Bureau. Retrieved from this source.
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