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Fact of the Week: 4 September 2012

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Older and Younger Workers Have About the Same Rate of Workplace Injuries

"The frequency of workplace illness and injury for full-time workers has declined for all age groups. In 1994, the incidence rate for 20 to 24 year olds was 300 per 10,000 full-time equivalent workers while the rate for the 55 to 64 age cohort was 200. In 2009, those numbers were almost the same at 97 and 93, respectively... The long-standing tenet that younger workers have much higher injury rates is no longer true," according to a 2011 analysis of data from the National Council on Compensation Insurance.

Restrepo, T., & Shuford, J. (2011). Workers compensation and the aging workforce. Boca Raton, FL: National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI). Retrieved from

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