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Fact of the Week: 16 July 2012

fact of the week

Over Half of Adults Aged 50+ Report That They Have Hypertension

Among U. S. adults aged 50+, 51.2% report that they have hypertension and 44% report high cholesterol. Other prevalent chronic conditions that were self-reported include heart disease (22.3%), mental illness (21.3%), diabetes, 18.8%, arthritis (17.4%), cancer (15.2%) back problems (14.5%) and COPD (14.0%), according to a 2011 analysis of data from the Medical Expenditure Panel survey.

Lind, K. D., & Noel-Miller, C. (2011). Chronic condition prevalence in the 50+ US population. (Fact Sheet No. 245). Washington, DC: AARP. Retrieved from

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