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Chris Morett, PhD, MPP

Office of Scheduling and Space Management, Rutgers University
Research Fellow
Sloan Center on Aging & Work, Boston College

Chris Morett is the Director of Office of Scheduling and Space Management for the New Brunswick/Piscataway Campuses at Rutgers University. He focuses on the role of emerging technologies and physical space in classroom pedagogy. Chris also plays a role in the design of next-generation classrooms at Rutgers. A former Sloan Foundation Early Career Scholar, his research focuses on the effect of parental work schedules—including shift work and flexible schedules—on child cognitive and socio-emotional development as well as obesity-related outcomes. Morett is also the founder and director of Junior Policy Fellows, a non-profit organization that encourages high-performing high school students to consider careers in public service by engaging them in public policy research projects.