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Danielle Hartmann

Director of Corporate Partnerships
Boston College Center for Work and Family

Danielle is the Director of Corporate Partnerships at the Center for Work & Family, managing corporate relations and programming for the National Workforce Roundtable and the Global Workforce Roundtable. She works with leading multi-national organizations from a diverse set of industries, committed to making significant progress in the areas of work-life and workforce management. With her background in socio-cultural anthropology and international communications, Danielle focuses her work with corporations on communicating effectively, developing a global mindset, and implementing programs in a culturally-sensitive manner to meet the needs of diverse local environments.

At CWF, Danielle has helped produce a benchmarking report on flexible work arrangement best practices in the Asia Pacific region, launched the international Executive Briefing series with issues on Work-Life in Brazil, Russia, India, China, Sweden, Japan, and Germany, and co-authored an article on the multigenerational workforce.

Prior to joining the Center for Work & Family, Danielle worked for 10 years in academia on international development research projects in Eastern and Southern Africa, Central America, and Central Asia. Danielle attained her BA from Brown University in Anthropology and Economics and a master's degree in International Communications from American University. Danielle and her husband Chris have two children, Cooper and Mia.