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Executive Innovation Lab

“Traditional models of Innovation take time and effort. The Lab accelerated a customarily complex and lengthy process—its most valuable aspect being the insight and feedback received from other participating companies.”

— Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, 2010 Lab Participant

Age Diversity + Team Innovation = Competitive Edge

The Sloan Center on Aging & Work’s Executive Innovation Lab collaborates with executives in a fast-paced, structured, results-oriented process. Leveraging the creativity of age diversity, Executive Champions and their Multi-Generational Teams participate in a series of deliberate experiences that become the catalyst for kinetic, creative idea generation and effective critique of solution prototypes.

Are you leveraging today’s multi-generational workforce to address critical business issues or developing strategies for competitive advantage?

Join our Lab to unleash the creative potential of your own multi-generational teams.


“The Lab was an injection of energy and it has had a significant impact on the way we do business. The question is, how do we maintain that? Right now we’re looking at: ‘is this the right way to build innovation teams moving forward?’”

— Mitre Corporation,2010 Lab Participant

Readiness for innovation is key to success.

  • Over $1,055 billion was spent on innovation in 2008—62% of this by the business sector, increasing by 50% despite the recession.
  • 94% of the executives responding to a recent survey say people and culture are most important factors in successful innovation.
  • 70% of top executives say innovation is one of top 3 growth drivers in the next 5 years. But 65% are not confident in their company’s ability to innovate, according to a recent McKinsey survey.

our value

The Executive Innovation Lab combines the proven strategy of leveraging diversity and the tested process of “rapid prototyping” to inspire creative problem-solving for organizational breakthroughs.

The Lab provides teambuilding and structured support at regular intervals to guide the intense, generative interactions of idea testing and refining.

In addition to peer-to-peer collaborations, the Lab’s multi-organizational design incorporates opportunities to give and receive unbiased feedback/critique from external sources to further fuel the innovation process.


“The Lab inspired creativity in us that resulted in ideas that we would never have realized in our typical process and environment. Senior management was amazed and impressed at the solutions we created in a short period of time.”

— Shields Health Care Group, 2010 Lab Participant

There are five stages to the Lab experience, strategically spaced over six months:

  • Orientation for Champions from all participating organizations
  • Preparation for Multi-Generational Team members
  • Innovation Days for Champions and Multi-Generational Team members
  • Implementation of preliminary prototypes
  • Celebration of Success

your takeaway

At the completion of the Lab, organizations will leave with:

  • At least one custom prototype solution and innovation action plan to move forward a targeted business problem or opportunity
  • A replicable model of how age diversity, rapid prototyping, and external feedback can be uniquely embedded at the workplace for innovative outcomes
  • Leadership development experience, empowering Champions and Team members to serve as innovation ambassadors within their organization


Samantha Greenfield
Employer Engagement Specialist
Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College | 617.552.9117