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Section 3. Programming Policies

2014-2015 student guide

The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) provides transformative co-curricular experiences that foster social interaction, self-exploration, student engagement, and leadership development. The department offers resources and support for student to promote learning and build community by focusing on four key areas: student organizations, student governance, leadership education, and campus wide programming.

guidelines. Additional information is available at


All contracts for student-sponsored events must be signed by an associate or assistant director of the Office of Student Involvement a minimum of one month prior to the event date. The policy includes any contract for goods, entertainment, or services. An OSI associate or assistant director must be consulted prior to any verbal or written commitment by the sponsoring organization. OSI provides performance contracts for productions as needed. Contracts signed by students will not be considered binding by the University.



Boston College supports the development of learning opportunities for students that expand knowledge through experiential learning, promote the intellectual, social, and spiritual formation of students, and enhance the Jesuit, Catholic mission of the University. It encourages student organizations to organize programs and events that pursue these goals. The principles and procedures outlined here are intended to assure that careful planning will result in programs that contribute to the common good of the University community and achieve the sponsoring organization's aims.


The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) offers event advising and assistance to undergraduate students in approximately 200 registered clubs and organizations.  The office establishes policies and procedures for student organizations regarding training, event planning space allocation, use of facilities, registration, postings and publicity, and financial guidelines. The office's goal is to encourage and assist student leaders to develop and manage successful events that facilitate learning and enhances their lives as students, as contributors to the University community, and as public citizens.

Additional information on the office is available at


  • Boston College student organizations, as well as their officers and members, are required to abide by local, state, and federal laws, and by University policies, procedures, and community standards.
  • In the course of planning an event, student groups are required to seek guidance from their adviser and, where appropriate, to consult with faculty and academic units. However, even with such involvement by advisers, faculty, or academic units, the final approval for or cancellation of events proposed and conducted by student groups rests with the Office of Student Involvement.
  • Student groups may seek funding support from the Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC).
  • While student clubs and organizations may not seek funding support from academic units, they may seek support in the form of special expertise, helping with audience development, and mentoring.
  • The approval and authorization process for student leaders is outlined on the Office of Student Involvement website. All president, vice-presidents and treasurers must be certified by the Office of Student Involvement and maintain a 2.5 GPA.
    •  An event request must be submitted via MyBC and the event space reservation system via the Agora Portal ( Upon approval from OSI students are advised to seek University space at least 30 days in advance of the planned date to be sure that appropriate facilities will be available.
    • The final OSI approvals must be completed a minimum of one week prior to the planned date.
    • Should it turn out that reserved facilities will not be used, students are required to advise OSI immediately so that the space can be used by other community members. Space at Boston College is at a premium, and failure to give such notice may result in a future denial of space reservation privileges.
  • Contracts relating to a student sponsored event must be signed either by Assistant Directors, Associate Directors or Director of the Office of Student Involvement.  Contracts may be for goods, entertainment, or services. No verbal or written commitment should be made by a student leader prior to consultation with a staff member of the Office of Student Involvement. Only contracts signed by a OSI staff member  will be held binding by the University. OSI will provide sample performance contracts, if needed, and will offer advice on contract development.
  • Student events may be scheduled on weekends or on weekdays during the academic year. Events may not be scheduled during study days, exam periods, or Senior Week. Events that take place Sunday through Thursday must conclude by midnight. Events that take place on Friday and Saturday must conclude by 1 a.m. unless authorized by the OSI  to end later.
  • Food service for spaces controlled by The Bureau of Conferences (BOC) must be provided by Boston College Dining Services (through the  (BOC)) unless special arrangements have been authorized by OSI. Students should be aware that the Bureau of Conferences (BOC) requires a minimum of three weeks for food service. All food service orders must be confirmed with BOC three days prior to an event.
  • Events planned by BC student organizations should offer attendance priority to members of the BC community, with invited guests attending if additional space is available.
  • Depending on the type or size of a student event, the Chief of the Boston College Police Department or other university officials may require that a student organization arrange for and provide funding for the hiring of a Boston College Police officer or security detail.


Please go to the OSI webstie for information on the following topics: 

  • Privileges of Registered Student Organizations
  • Financial  Guidelines for Student Organizations
  • Posting Policy for Student Organizations 
  • Space Reservation Policy for Student Organizations
  • Event Planning
  • Training Requirements



A prominent event is one likely to attract large numbers of non-University attendees and/or significant public attention.

Student organizations holding such an event will need to pay particular attention to issues of safety, security, and logistics for such matters as parking, crowd accommodation, and media.

Plans for such an event should be brought to the attention of OSI at least 45 days prior to the proposed date. Consultations with OSI must take place prior to extending an invitation to speakers or performers, reserving space, or advertising/promoting the event.

The Director of OSI may also independently determine that an event should be deemed "prominent" and organized and conducted with appropriate care.

The Director of SIO is authorized to determine whether a prominent event will be approved for scheduling. Such determination will be based on considerations regarding safety, crowd accommodation, and the potential value of the event for students and the Boston College community.

Following approval of a prominent event by the Director of SIO, the sponsoring organization may be required to appoint a representative who will work on logistics with an adviser , Boston College Police Department, Office of News and Public Affairs, Bureau of Conferences, co-sponsors and club advisor, and other offices and departments as deemed necessary by OSI.

OSI may require that prominent events only be advertised to, and open to, members of the Boston College campus community. 


Please see the student organization resources website and the Student Organization Funding Committee website for detailed information on the funding guidelines for student organizations.


Members of the Boston College community will be authorized to set up information tables when contact (e.g., petitions, sign-up sheets) with the University community is needed.  Organizations, faculty, and administrators should visit the Agora portal and reserve a table through the Event Space Reservation System. A minimum of one month's advance notice is recommended due to limited space availability. Organizations may reserve a table a maximum six times per semester. Tables are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

If approved, the table may be staffed from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the McElroy Lobby. Please do not set up the table in front of the newspaper and information distribution bins. On the day of the reservation, "check in" at the Bookstore Customer Service Desk to receive a table. A Boston College ID will be collected and returned at the end of the day provided that the table is returned to the Bookstore. Information tables should have a sign identifying the sponsoring group.


To read or print the Posting Policy please click on the link below:

Posting policy


The Office of Student Involvement assists student leaders with the planning and coordination of events and functions. University offices and non-University groups should contact the Bureau of Conferences for room reservations.

All events or programs sponsored by student organizations must be consistent with the values and principles espoused by Boston College as a Jesuit and Catholic University.

Space Reservations

Any student organization registered by OSI, the Office of the Dean of Students, or Campus Ministry that wishes to reserve space for meetings or functions should refer to the event planning and space reservation information at RSO Resources. The officer will receive an email confirming or denying the space request. Requests should be submitted well in advance of the time periods recommended below.

Requests for meeting space should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date of the event. NOTE: Space is allotted on a first-come, first-served basis within the priorities stated in the "University Policy" section.

When planning an event that requires the coordination of University services or rentals such as chairs, tables, platforms, food service, audiovisual equipment, or security, requests for space should be submitted at least three to four weeks in advance through the Bureau of Conferences

Once the space is approved, the student club officer will be notified if they need to discuss further event details with a OSI staff member. . The student club officer must then set up meetings with the necessary offices that will assist in planning the details (such as arranging for services) and budgeting. Additional advance planning will be required for large-scale events.


Boston College upholds the laws of Massachusetts, which prohibit use of alcohol by persons under 21 years of age. Therefore, an alcohol authorization must be obtained before serving alcohol at any event. Contact OSI for additional information about alcohol authorizations; also see "Alcohol & Drug Use & Abusel" in Section 4. Code of Student Conduct.

Food Service

All food service is provided by Boston College Dining Services unless special arrangements are authorized by OSI. Applicants should arrange food service with the Bureau of Conferences (BOC) at least three weeks prior to the event. A guaranteed number of meals must be submitted to BOC three business days prior to the event.


A Boston College Police officer or detail may be required depending on the event type or size.

Public Attendance

An event not limited to the Boston College community constitutes an event open to the general public and is subject to special limitations. Consult with OSI before planning such an event. If the event is approved, OSI must also give prior approval for any advertising directed to the general public. Failure to comply with either requirement may result in the loss of privileges.


There is no charge for a cancellation except where expenses have been incurred for special layouts or procurement of equipment. However, full utilization of Boston College facilities requires that every effort be made to notify OSI as soon as it is known that a facility will not be used. Willful failure to cancel a reservation may result in a future denial of space and the loss of privileges.

University Policy

Boston College is an academic institution dedicated to the principles of higher learning. Within the rules and regulations set out below, any person seeking to use the space and facilities of Boston College will be awarded that right to be exercised for purposes conducive to the life of an academic institution. Utilization of the resources of Boston College requires that all persons applying for use of the facilities understand and comply with the basic requirement of respect for the right of the whole community to have the facilities maintained for everyone to use.

Priority in reserving space will be given to applications in order of their relationship to the academic function of the University. Therefore, space will be assigned first to applications for University-wide events such as Convocations and University Orientations. Second priority will be given to official Boston College student, faculty, and administrative organizations. Third priority will be given to events sponsored by a school within the University. Applications sponsored by groups not affiliated with the University will be considered for space allocation only upon application in writing to the Boston College Bureau of Conferences.

No grant or overhead fee for the use of facilities will be charged for a registered University student activity. However, by signing an application, the individual signing and the group he or she represents agree to pay any expenses incurred by the University. The types of non-routine expenses that will be charged are: additional custodial expenses required to open buildings normally closed on nights and weekends; overtime necessitated by an event; equipment or services not customarily supplied by the University; additional security personnel; any special clean-up necessitated by the event; and any property damage caused by the event.

The individuals and the sponsoring organization using a University facility are responsible for leaving it in a neat and orderly state. If any part of the facility is rearranged for the event, it is the group's responsibility to return the facility to its normal arrangement at the end of the event, except where a request has been filed for a special layout on the Program Authorization Worksheet and approved by OSI.


Boston College students interested in establishing a club while at the University are encouraged to do so provided the club and its purpose promote the personal development of students and are consistent with the values and principles espoused by Boston College as a Jesuit and Catholic University. The registration process for new  undergraduate student organizations is available on

Benefits offered by the University to registered clubs include:  funding eligibility from the Student Organization Funding Committee Ability to reserve University facilities for meetings, programs and events; support from the Bureau of Conferences (BOC) and Boston College Police Department; a University mailbox and mailing address; ability to advertise meetings, programs, and events on campus; access to general organization advising and programmatic support; leadership and  organizational effectiveness training; inclusion in the fall Student Involvement Fair use of University name and tax status; solicitation of membership on campus; use of MuBC organizational software first step in the process of applying for club registration is to attend a new club information session, where the registration process is discussed in great depth and all necessary information is provided. The sessions are held in the OSI office, Carney Hall, Suite 147, during the fall and winter semesters. Only freshmen, sophomores, and first semester juniors are eligible to start a new club.

OSI encourages responsible student programs of all kinds that are in keeping with the goals and traditions of Boston College. As a private institution of higher education informed by the high ideals of Jesuit education, Boston College reserves the right to refuse to register clubs that are not compatible with its educational goals or institutional tradition.


Boston College student  organizations, as well as their officers and members, are expected to abide by all University policies, procedures, and community standards and all local, state, and federal laws. Violations will be referred to the Office of Student Involvement and the Office of the Dean of Students for review and, if appropriate, adjudication.


Source: Robsham Theater Arts Center

Ticket booth operations are located in the Robsham Theater Arts Center. The ticket booth provides a central distribution point for all tickets for events that are not Athletic Department activities, and offers accurate, safe, and reliable record keeping procedures. For ticket booth hours and additional information, review the Student Organization Manual for the Ticket Booth Policy

For information about ticket sales procedures for registered student organizations, see the Office of Student Involvement website at, or contact the Office of Student Involvement at 617-552-3480 or the Student Affairs Business Service Center at 617-552-1586.

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