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Student Guide


The Boston College Student Guide is produced by the Office of the Dean of Students. Boston College reserves the right to change or supplement any policies in the Student Guide.

From the Dean of Students

Section 1. Student Life Resources
        Division of Student Affairs
        Additional Student Life Resources
        Other Services

Section 2. Student Organizations
        Student Unions
        Student Clubs and Organizations
        School Senates      

Section 3. Programming Policies
        Contract Statement
        Financial Guidelines
        Information Tables
        Room Reservations and Programming Assistance
        Student Club and Organization Registration
        Student Club and Organization Responsibilities
        Ticket Booth

Section 4. The Code of Student Conduct
        Statement of Rights and Responsibilities
        Academic Policies
        Behavioral Policies & Prohibited Conduct

Section 5. Student Conduct System
        Student Conduct System Process
        General Information

Section 6. General Policies
        AIDS Guidelines
        Campus Safety and Security Program
        Copyright Compliance
        Group or Organization Promotion and Solicitation
        Internal Search
        Jury Duty
        Off-Campus Student Addresses
        Sales and Solicitations
        Senior Week
        Student Education Records
        University Communication Policies and Student 
        Use of Boston College Indicia
            (University trademarks and logos)

Academic Calendar

Student Life Calendar

Student Life Resources

Notice of Non-Discrimination