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religion and the arts

Religion and the Arts — ISSN 1079-9265
Published quarterly by Brill Academic Publishers

Subscription orders are accepted for complete volumes only, orders taking effect with the first issue of any year. Orders may also be entered on an automatic continuing basis. Cancellations will only be accepted if they are received before November 1st of the year preceding the year in which the cancellation is to take effect. Claims for replacement of damaged issues or of issues lost in transit will be met, free of charge, if made within three months of dispatch for European customers and five months for customers outside Europe.

The subscription price for each volume (print edition plus online access, about 540 pages in 4 issues) is € 312/$ 459 for institutions and € 67/$ 98 for individuals, inclusive of postage and handling charges. For institutional customers, it is also possible to subscribe to online only access at € 281/$ 413. All prices are exclusive of VAT (not applicable outside the EU).

Subscription orders may be made via any bookseller or subscription agency, or direct to the publishers:

Brill Academic Publishers
c/o Turpin Distribution
Stratton Business Park
Pegasus Drive
Bedfordshire SG18 8TQ
United Kingdom

Back issues from the last two years are available from Brill.  Please contact the address above.  For back issues older than two years, please contact:

Periodicals Service Company (PSC)
11 Main Street
Germantown NY 12526

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