Memory and the Inner Life

Volume 3 ~ 2005

The New Arcadia Review is born — not from the head of Zeus but the on-going activities of an informal humanities research group we have established here at Boston College.  Perhaps ironically, it is less the desire to call attention to ourselves than the longing for the human touch, and for human touch itself, that has inspired us to create this on-line journal.

All of us today operate within the world of specialization, whether professional, academic, or artistic.  All of us here want to find a way to break out of our ghettos, to create a dynamic human community of learners, teachers, and lovers. Using word, gesture, and image we hope to give expression to the diversity, the unity, and even the chaos that we study, project and inhabit.

By focusing on a specific research theme and inviting guest contributors, we seek to gather humanists, philosophers, scholars, artists and poets around a common feast for shared learning and exposure. We will make special use of our linguistic skills to disseminate relatively unknown material from all around our small planet. We look forward to readers contacting us and joining in the conversation.

Here, then, is our second offering.

This collection of essays is dedicated to Andy von Hendy, in gratitude for inspiration and collegiality
Thomas Epstein, ed.