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Teaching, Advising/Mentoring, and Research Incentive Grants

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The University Council on Teaching and the University Research Council both offer $15,000 grants each year.

At least eight Teaching, Advising and Mentoring Grants (TAM) are awarded for proposals that clearly go beyond the work ordinarily performed by faculty in revising and developing courses or in advisement planning. The Council awards some of the grants to faculty who propose to integrate the latest technologies into their projects.

At least 15 Research Incentive Grants (RIG) are available annually on a competitive basis, with nine intended primarily for non-tenured faculty to assist them in establishing their research program. The RIG program is designed to support research carried out directly by the faculty applicant. Normally, a Research Incentive Grant will not be awarded to the same faculty member more than once in three years.

Applications, Guidelines, Procedures